99Designs Review: Get the Best Logos Designs for your Website

99designs Review - Professional logo design service

Establishing yourself as a capable, credible and legitimate source of information around the thing that you specialize in is accompanied with many benefits.

Which ones? And how can 99Designs help you in this process? Let’s find out within this 99Designs Review.


99Designs Review — Design is the secret to great business

First, you quickly gain more trust from your prospects and customers, which result to increase in sales.

Also, establishing a mutual respect among your peer leads to beneficial partnership and also business opportunities. Being an online authority means you become an industry source which can result in more links and traffic to your blog or sites.

It also allows you to understand traction of new ventures and projects faster, which in turn assist you to reduce the start-up marketing expenses. It also attracts many offline and online referrals. Building and branding yourself to grow your business and gain authority as well as credibility not only helps you to create stronger ties with the users and visitors but also pushes the author to produce the best content as each piece tends to be linked to the name and online footprints.

99Designs Services

A personal logo will assist you for various purpose in your business life by creating promotion material such as custom banner design and get the best out of your advertising. These are some of the reasons why you need a professional logo design service or brand creation service to build a creative landing page design.


99Designs Review — Multiple designers, incredible results?

99designs is typically based on design contest where you submit a request for a particular design and get thousands of designers’ ideas for your application. It is the largest online graphic design marketplaces in the world. They connect million of talented freelance designers and ebook cover designers with genius entrepreneurs, creative people, savvy businesses and anyone who require great work.

There are many designers to select from on the internet, but unless you are sold on a particular artist because of portfolio, desire for a design process, or relationship, you likely need an option of designs, not designers.

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99designs’ professional logo design services format offer a broad range of design options to pick the high-quality. It also solves the paradox of choice because all those options are in the context of your design. In facts, design always finds a way. Their journey usually starts with a group of designers who compete together to create the best designs.

Another impressive fact of having 99designs is that they can guarantee a smooth experience for both sides. They usually hold the money in escrow until the client accepts the final product. It ensures that no sketchy designer is running off with your funds and fighting over how many revisions are allowed. 99designs guarantee you to have a design that you like.

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99Designs Review — My opinion:

Professional design business

The graphic design represents the lion-share of any website design budget.

Many software tools can make building a site cheap. But it is an art to transform an abstract brand to yield something visual.

However, you can spend a lot of money and time on that transformation, but for many small businesses and startups, a professional appearance only goes so far, and it does not look good to put too many funds into a design.

99designs is affordable, and it puts professionally designed logos easy to reach to most businesses.
In facts, affordability is a key benefit of using 99designs for creative landing page design, blog and websites logos design.

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Do you have experience with 99Designs? What do you think about such contest-based marketplace? Let me know in the comment section!

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99designs is a place where you can run a contest and get the top designers around the world competing to fulfill your needs. Your only job is to pick your favorite design!

4 thoughts on “99Designs Review: Get the Best Logos Designs for your Website”

  1. Hello Emily,

    Thanks for sharing this 99Designs Review with us! :-)

    From a customer standpoint, 99Designs bring a lot of advantages and allow the clients to get the most out of their money by picking their favorite design among several.

    In contrary to a system like Fiverr, where you are stuck with one designer, and may get bad quality. Most dangerous, due to the low pricing and mass production a lot of them seem to use non-unique templates to build your brand. It might turn out as a bad surprise on a later stage if you lost your differentiation with the closest competitors.

    I’m guessing it’s less comfortable for the artists, though. As they may be working “for nothing.” I’m not sure how it’s working exactly on their sides, do they get a percentage of the fees or a kind of refund?

    But well this is part of the progress: open borders, global competitivity and a fight for being the best (or at least being different).

    Bottom line, if you need a professional logo design, ebook cover or packaging; I agree the place is excellent! :-)

    Tanguy – Incognito007


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