37 thoughts on “Banana Fund Review: is Banana Fund Legit or Scam?”

  1. Well, my experience about Richard-Jo is not really good, indeed… Drove Paidverts almost to bankruptcy with continous swaps of BAP, which also drove to a loss of credibility, indeed. So, sorry Tanguy, but I won’t take this boat this time.

    • Hello Vierkovic,

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts… and no worries! :) I understand and respect that feeling.

      MyTrafficValue / Paidverts were definitely chaotic during the last few months.
      This said, it is, in my opinion, even worst in term of growth/progress since Richard was kicked away from the management/team.

      But I agree that this can definitely be a controversial point.
      While a lot of people know him, and appreciate its business skills — there are also a bunch that will skip it due to that past.

      Let’s see where it brings this “KickStarter-like” startup :)

      Enjoy your day. Cheers,
      Tanguy – Incognito007

  2. i have lost 16650$ in Paidverts and My traffic value ..after that i faces a lot problem in my life because i do big mistake and invest big money and i lost all …

    • Wow, caption. That’s huge! Sorry to hear that, mate… I can imagine how painful this can be.

      How come you lost that much? You joined near to the swap and got hit by it, or it’s because of their “games”?!

      Thanks for sharing your experience with it. I can understand it’s a big “no” for you.

      I hope you manage to cut your losses elsewhere or to get back on track with your own business (which remain the safe, but -not- easy solution).

      All the best, and Have a great day,
      Tanguy – Incognito007

      • i was not lose in games.. when i invest in paidverts after that 2 weeks Jo again do Swap and all my BAPs convert in to Shares and then you know better what happend……

      • All I can say is that some 4 years ago, I pulled out of paidverts dude to unforeseen circumstances, even though it looked like things were going alright. (Wasn’t making a huge profit. But a few dollars here and there steadily was feasible.)

        And after reading about what happened in it’s most recent history, I have to say I am really glad I did.

  3. You should never invest in this project. Jo got kicked out of his own idea. That was a total BS, It was a whole big plan to scam people. And Guess what the person who replaced him out(“Mike”), Regularly comments on his fb statuses. Like Nothing happened between them. Jo scammed almost half a million dollar in bitcoin, The perfect scam, Let me explain to you.

    Imagine this for a second. You have got a idea, you have made the system from scratch. Its going really good and all of sudden his “investor” wants to change administration? That was a total BS. It was all planned out. Jo never had an investor he had the money for the system(Paidverts) which he scammed from other ptc websites. Then his puppet jumped in the boat (Mike). He took over Paidvert, got all the admin passwords, which he got them from those “Imaginary Investor” of theirs. Who didn’t knew the passwords for the bitcoin wallet’s?
    That is another BS.

    Jo Scammed half a million dollar from innocent users, Blaming it on a fairy tale character. Who kicked him out of his own company. It is a Scam either way. Even if he was kicked, How come the company(Paidverts) or the owner never filed any police complains against Jo. When a company replaces a CEO, the CEO doesn’t takes away any of company’s property. Same thing with JO if he was getting scammed by a person why did the police not intervene? What do you do if you get robbed? Call the Police, Fight till end, You can put the pieces together yourself. It was a perfect scam. No body even thought of this. Until now.


    • Hello Anonymouz,

      Just for the sake of clarity, you mean “Marc De Koning” (the current “CEO”, no?).
      As far as I know “Mike” have no implication anymore with Paidverts / MyTrafficValue and never was more than a regular (top) member.

      Please, let me know if I’m wrong…

      Richard (“Jo”) is not communicating with Marc anymore as far as I know. And he posts negatively if he ever mentions him on his Facebook from what I have see.

      The one managing the funds and accounts was always quoted to be “Carlos from Spain” which appears before and after the swaps and company restructuration.

      This said I agree this could be a setup they could have made altogether (Richard, Marc, and Carlos), but it’s a bit hard to do more than an assumption on this.

      It’s important to mention those facts in the review and comments and I guess everyone will need to follow their guts and feelings to decide how to behave.

      Thanks for sharing your detailed opinion. This should definitely be helpful for some readers and further investigation.

      All the best with your online endeavors! :)

      Tanguy – Incognito007

      • Yes Marc De Koning , Sorry my bad… mixed them up. But the later part is what i believe really what happened.

        If someone Scammed me half a million dollar. I would do everything possible to make his life a living hell. While Carlos doesn’t do anything against Jo, Just sits there. And same for Jo, His company was stolen from him, Why did he not go to far ends to get it back. If i hijack Howtogetref, Won’t you come after me? You sure would you won’t give up that easily would you? and what we see that both of them sit happily like nothing happened.

        But what infact happened is Jo Stole those bitcoins. From a person.. If he says that his investor kicked him out. So that isn’t the way to do the job. Give company back all the funds. Paidverts is almost bankrupt. People who invested have suffered losses while Jo made everything..

        And we know that Jo ran some PTC websites which later scammed people.. This is just another way… I would recommend people to Stay far away from Jo, He can’t be trusted!.

        • Hello Anonymouz,

          If the company was created through Carlos name, I guess no legal action can be made by “Jo”.

          But you make a point here… And whether you are right or not, it’s not fair to hold the company money as revenge…
          because it impacted badly numerous members.

          Concerning the Paid-To-Click websites, do you have any names? I was not aware he had some too. Was it before 2011? :)

          Thank you,
          Tanguy – Incognito007

    • Hello Caption,

      My focus is my own business and affiliate marketing. But I consider that sharing a review may still be useful.

      This said, I will put a warning concerning Paidverts and MyTrafficValue past in a more obvious way when I update this BananaFund review.
      Just to be sure that even those who do not read the comments, know about it. That way, everyone can get informed and investigate things further on their own.

      Tanguy – Incognito007

  4. I just registered ! I’m looking forward the first project, and why not posting my project… It’s great to hear from Jo again, compound.fund just gave me a nice 250% ROI :D

    • Hello Adrien,

      Thanks for the feedback! :)

      I think the plan was to move remaining funds/balances from compound.fund to BananaFund. Am I correct?

      If someone have all the details about this, it could be useful!

      Tanguy – Incognito007

  5. Hello. I have read all the remark. As i have never known Jo before, i saw that he helped a lot of people making fortunes (based on my own research) . I also saw how he protected himself by alocating 50% of his personal stake in Banana Fund. If you followed him on facebook, dated back in september 2015, he already scratching his head to make the idea perfect.

    A simple crowdfunding ideas has been branch out to a lot of specific details making people believe in his project management skills.

    I personally think that Jo did not defend himself so much and take credit for all the things he did to people. A lot has benefit from MPV so i heard, before he was kicked out. I believe that He have a good traits which is to move on and do something else when god gives you talent.

    Anyway. Im so excited of this project as it will help entrepeneur with ideas to materialize .

    • Hello Jen,

      Thanks for sharing your insights! :)
      You are right, Jo has been sharing updates and progress related to BananaFund for quite a few months now.

      In my opinion, the project looks interesting and got a massive potential. I decided to give it a try, and see how it performs even though this won’t be the website I focus on.

      Concerning MyTrafficValue, it is online since 5+ years which is definitely an achievement as only a few manage to do so in the industry…
      This said I respect the pain and the feelings from those who joined just before the “chaos” there.

      At the end of the day, I guess it’s up to everyone to make a decision based on their own feelings and how they perceived this whole story :)

      Let’s see what projects will come to life through BananaFund and how it will perform for those who decide to take part in the ITO.

      I’m wishing you a lot of success, Jen! And feel free to share your experience and results over the next few days/weeks/months, it’s always interesting to compare results and see what can be achieved.

      Cheers, and Enjoy Christmas time.
      Tanguy – Incognito007

    • Hello Dan,

      Thanks for sharing your experience.

      This said I see the transaction on the blockchain…
      so unless it was sent to a bitcoin address that he owns too, I don’t see how this could be quoted as “scam” or intent to cheat? :)

      Not sure from which side, but looking at this it seems more like an error to me.

      Sorry to hear the funds were sent to a bitcoin address you are not owning, though.

      Good luck and Enjoy your weekend,
      Tanguy – Incognito007

  6. The address that he sent to is compound.fund public deposit address that he used for the site. So that means he owns the address he sent my coins to.

  7. Yes its an error on his part. He did not read my initial email request. He instead posts to FB on how he don’t have any control now. Also calling me a jerk? … But hes owns the address. How he don’t have control? He did not want to admit his mistake. Why should I pay for his mistake? There is nothing I can do anyway, he really is in control.

  8. Stay far, far away from Jo (*** EDITED ***). He is a world-class con artist. Every program (*** EDITED *** “he”) is associated w ends w endless lies.

  9. SCAM.. cashout my money and doesn’t pay. Many people waiting for their money and no answer at all by the admin. SCAM

  10. My summary while in BANANA SCAM…
    BEFORE Crowdfunding everything was perfect .Also DAILY UPDATES even when minor changes there about to be made
    AFTER Crowdfunding ….
    1.You cant cashout whole of your BTC balance.
    2.You never know when the payments will be made and if you dare to ask them .They call you CRY BABY.
    3.You can cash out ONCE every 24 hours and only 0.50BTC.
    4.AND You have to be in the first 100 wallets if you want to get paid.
    5.The owner buying cars , houses, parcels. and trade prolly with our money.He is actually doing everything except work with BANANA FUND.
    6.Also he has a diferent attidude before he collect the money and diferent after he collected the BTC.We were customers and we became CRY BABIES.
    7.You have to beg actually to get an answer
    The problem with all this is that he never explained that the cashouts will work like this…
    Also there was an option before Crowdfunding that if u werent happy with the final positions you will be able to cash out…OFC AND IT NEVER HAPPEN.
    The retarted market they made that actually some players left with their money and the rest they are trapped to a fucking BANANA SCAM and if they leave now they are going to lose 60% of their investment.So you have to stay and wait for Richard guy ..when he finish with his TRIPS-BUYINGS-TRADING to give some updates and built some momentum.


  11. Scam…only used your money to travelling…and refuse to cashout…how come people so easily trust him..please dont promote someone that obviously scam people in the past…

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