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Show your banner advertising on up to 25 Paid-To-Click websites through one single purchase (and save 70% cash while doing so!)

Our Customers Feedbacks

Wow! Direct Referrals keep flooding in my account! :D


Got 34+ direct referrals and counting for the past 4 days with the 10$ banner advertising!!! Thanks incognito007 for this awesome campaign!! Such a wonderful person, he got some potentials in this ptc industry and he is willing to help whenever you need it.


Whatever I say about Tanguy is not enough I think :) I have bought about $600 worth of banners and got over 1200 DRs across all my PTC sites. He’s THE guy to set up your campaign ! Congratulations m8, keep up the good work!


I have ordered both 1 000 000 and 4 000 000 banners! And I must say the service is PERFECT!!


Tanguyyyyyyyyyy! i just bought a $125 banner pack, and I GET 271 DR’s in 30 HOURS!!!!!!!! 271 DR’s, you know what this mean?! …I am the new Incognito!!!! Ok no :C Thanks dude! :D


Excellent way of advertising. I have gotten many referrals through this method. Thanks for the great job you are doing.

Madu Paschal

WOWW WOWW Thanks very much ingocnito007 i purchased 3 days ago one banner pack and still now i have 46 direct referrals. Its very good avg my friend, Thanks.

Lucas Acosta

Just saw my banner while clicking ads!! I got so excited! Already great results!!!

Money MakinDiana

Dear Tanguy, I just want to say thank you very much for the wonderful result for my banner advertising I got 2 free referral in the first time, again thank you very much looking forward for the second time…you have a good day


Placed another order in Tanguy~ I see results versus other systems I have tried. You have a repeat client here added to your network. Thanks and keep up the good work.


Just dropping by to Thank you for your great service doing back there, I’ve purchased two advertising packs for two sites so far, and I got amazing results by that,I advertised on two highly competitive sites but still I got 25DR’s for one site and 12 for other, and still counting!!! Hope we can continue doing good business here! Good luck! and thanks again!


I am very pleased that You do a super campaign for Me Im very satisfied:) Your old client is back:))) best regards always friend Majk31


Hello, the banner works very well and have spent already have two direct referrals to 21 in 3 days this works as a grateful rayo.estoy you do a great job. I’m buying slowly but I can say that money is better spent .


Absolutely awesome service. Incognito is really easy to deal with and my Ads were setup in no time. Definitely coming back for more. Regards


Simply awesome Tanguy :) For sure I’ll purchase again here. Thanks for your services.


Thank you for creating such excellent banners for me. I used them for a while and achieved very good results. Also his banner advertising service is great and you will get a lot of active referrals guaranteed. If you need reliable advertising and banners then Tanguy is the number one guy in the ptc industry with 4 years of experience.

Pavlos Manakidis

The delivery was fast and precise to the requirement. Thank you Tanguy !


I Never had the same kind of success anywhere else! Your banner ads have got me hundreds of referrals time and time again. THANKS for all the work you put into this!!

Nick is one of the best places to grow your business in a mind-blowing speed. 100% satisfaction guarantee over and over again. Thank you Tanguy! :)