Best ptc for advertising: our display network insights

Best ptc for advertising: my “secret” method:


Tanguy Hubner - Incognito007 - Make Money Online Since over 5 years, I’m promoting money making websites online under the tag “Incognito007“.

I love to perform A/B tests with new ways to promote, create content and play with tracking services and other marketing resources.

Recently, I created this blog and unleashed my secret:
My successful method to create advertisement online is to make banner ad (Custom Banner Design) and display it along a ptc advertising network.

Since then, thousands of people have copy-pasted this method to get cheap advertising online.

It took me months to handpick the best ptc for advertising and buy sufficient volumes to negotiate the DREAM discounts, but it’s now open to public! :)

If you are wondering how you could run cheap online advertising, looks no further:
your reply is right here!

What is the ReferralBooster Display Network?

The best ptc for advertising!

ReferralBooster display network includes banner advertising placements on several Top Paid-To-Clicks.
That’s a HUGE opportunity to tap into the whole market at low cost and generate conversions (referrals, signups, subscribers, sales,…).

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Virtually unlimited (Network)

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585,000+ Members|(???) Paid

47,000+ Members|$37,000+ Paid

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109,000+ Members|$9,500+ Paid