Changer Review: Instant Digital Currency Exchanger (since 2009)

Changer Review: Instant Currency Exchanger allows you to exchange money and (crypto-)currencies instantly.

It’s easy, automatic and instant: just select the exchange direction and follow the instructions.

They have built their reputation in time through the quality of service and they are backed up with 7+ years history and thousands of testimonials.

Moreover, they established strong official partnerships. For example, they are currently ranked as #1 E-currency Exchangers by AdvCash and #2 by PerfectMoney – and they keep improving on a daily basis.

3 Reasons Why Online Money Conversions powered by Changer Are So Successful:

Changer: Money Exchanger

  • The platform works automatically and instantly 24/7/365. It’s really the best way to exchange currency – online money transfer has never been easier!

  • 100% Transparent – full cost shown upfront with no hidden fees. Plus, your fidelity is rewarded through a discount system. (see details below)

  • Reliable and Secure – they take the utmost care in protecting your privacy & security and provide excellent support.

Exchange Money and Currencies… Instantly!

Exchange from one digital currency to another in an instant manner.

Changer invested in the most premium domain names for an ‘exchanger’ business:,, (“exchange in russian”) and countless others.

Nowadays, the company is usually described as the “Bitcoin Exchanger” but it’s actually more than that as they allow to exchange instantly between all major e-currencies and crypto-currencies.

Receive your favorite Currencies Now!

A transparent Money Conversion Calculator

Bye Bye hidden fees!

Here is how to perform a money conversion online with Changer:

Just (1) select the exchange direction, (2) enter the amount you want to change and (3) click the ‘Exchange’ button. Boom – you are ready for an instant conversion!

Changer Review: Money Conversion Online

The exchange happens at the current market rate and you usually support a low fee for the transfer which is ranging from 1% to 3% depending on the currency and processor used.

That’s really low for such an awesome and efficient service and people are loving it! :)

Take a look at the testimonials posted by their customers. They go back to 2009 and there are thousands of testimonials to go through:

Changer Testimonial

Show me more testimonials!

Discount System: The difference is in your pocket

A cryptocurrency exchange platform with volume discounts!

You can access the money exchange converter even without an account. But if you do create an account, however, you get access to their Discount System.That is another powerful feature which definitely makes it worth to spend a few seconds on the signup process.

The “Discount System” offers you discounts on the exchange fees starting from 5% up to 25% based on volume. The system automatically upgrades your account to a higher discount level when you reach the amount required. Obviously, only ‘completed’ orders are taken into consideration.

Discount System: the money conversion table:

Exchanger Discount System

Create an account and Redeem your discount!

Changer: the best place to exchange currency?

Start earning money by referring visitors to the exchanger!

Changer has an affiliate program – you can get rewarded for sharing this currency conversion opportunity.

Make a living from it would be hard. But if you seek for extra pocket money with no effort, plus the enjoyable feeling to share an amazing service with your audience – this may be for you! :)

You’ll receive 15% commission of the fees charged for all exchange orders made by your referrals (wether they have registered an account or not, you get paid!). The earnings are credited in your account instantly and can be withdrawn right away.

Personally, I have been using Changer for 2 years and I consider it as one of the best ways to exchange currency.

Instant Exchanger

Signup for an account Now!


Let me know in the comments what you think about this review, how is your experience there (if you are customer) or any ask you could have about Changer or Money Exchanger in general.


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