16 thoughts on “Clixten Review – is Clixten Scam or Legit?”

  1. Thanks for your article Marko! :-)

    I have been using Clixten for advertising purpose over the last 2-3 years, and it’s great to learn more about the Clixten member side of the opportunity.

    I have no experience about the different ways to earn there, but I can testify that, in my case, the support and staff communication were always accurate and addressed promptly.

    Tanguy – Incognito007

  2. It’s 24th April and I’m still waiting for my $ 3.50657 withdraw from March 5th.

    Today I can’t log in no matter how many times I type correct password and captcha: Invalid Token, Invalid Token, Invalid Token, Invalid Token, Invalid Token, Invalid Token, Invalid Token,…

    • Hello Kari,

      Did you refresh the page? I just tested right now, and I was about to log in.

      When you keep the page open for a few minutes, the session expires and quote ‘Invalid Token’, unless you refresh… maybe that was the issue.

      I’m not using the site as a member, so I don’t know about the payments and delays… did you try to send a ticket to ask for an update? :)

      Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

      Tanguy – Incognito007

  3. O k I just logged into clixten after a day of them being offline, I discovered that my funds had been deleted and my membership had been reduced from silver to standard. and no I did not cheat, would not even know how. I have no fake refferals and I only have one account. I fully expect everything to be put back like it was before I click any more ads on this site, and no I do not care if I was informed of this in the information section when I logged in I just thought others might like to be informed of this, and yes I realize that I am not the only one affected.I was close to 5.00 when my funds were deleted now I am expected to start over, give me a break. If you join this website my advice is to cash out at the minimum withdrawal, feel sorry for those who have a lot of money that was deleted,

  4. clixten reported on their update page that they wiped out all accounts because of the large number of cheaters( to make a long story short) what I am wondering is how does one cheat? When a person signs up the system remembers their information so it is not easy to open a second account . you can not click the ad the second time or click the icon incorrectly without they system informing you that you have done so. you can not cash out until your minimum cash out balance has been reached and the ideal that one would pay a robot site to click ad( if you can find one ) is laughable. the robot would cost more than you would make if you clicked the ads yourself, this goes for all ptc sites, I personaly have a difficult time accepting this as a reason for what was done to my account and all the other members accounts

  5. Clixten is scam not legit. I did not invest but earned more than $4 and did not withdraw at all, few days back I saw that my balance vanished and when i asked about it they suspended my account. So, I suggest guys do not waste your time.

    • Hello Santanu,

      Thanks for sharing your experience. It seems a lot of people are dealing with a poor experience on this website nowadays.

      Definitely one to be cautious with.

      All the best,
      Tanguy – Incognito007

    • Hey, Ash

      I’m not really having a “scam” folder – just doing a descriptive review about the website and claims (unless there is obvious cheating behavior from day 1, like for Smybux).

      I’m not even an active member at Clixen nor promoting it, but I still believe it can be useful to have a place where everyone can discuss its experience… :)
      Obviously, when half of the comments report an issue and/or scammy behavior, it’s not recommended to join and use the website.

      Tanguy – Incognito007

  6. I wonder what they did with the money from the people whose account balances they wiped out. did they return it to the advertisors if I had advertised a site I would want to know that what I paid for someone clicking on my site would actually be received by that person they had no right to keep the money

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