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This tool will allow you to create and download a custom avatar. And yes… it’s 100% free! :)

As you probably know, one of the key element to be successful when you get started with an online business is to build your online branding and establish yourself as an authority in your niche.

You will need to stand out from the crowd.

There are different ways to create brand awareness and using a custom avatar may be one of them.

Forum Avatar Generator: create my own avatar

When you are happy with your cartoon creation, you can hit the “download” button on bottom-right of the screen to save it.

Note: If you need a URL for it, you can upload the file to an image hosting company such as
It’s easy (drag and drop) and it’s free to use.

What is the goal of your personal avatar?

If your avatar is meant to help people recognize you online only, the choice of image isn’t as important as the necessity to use the same image wherever you can.

However, if your avatar is meant to help people recognize you on AND offline, you should use a portrait photo of yourself for the avatar image.

When it comes to online advertising, brand recognition is a game changer.
For example, you can read here how Andy, aka “Andylord”, managed to recruit over 2000 direct referrals leveraging its power.

When people know who you are, they listen to your message more carefully. As result, you may see your advertising campaigns click-through rates and results going through the roof.

Building Your Brand’s Trust & Credibility

Now, you could be the coolest person on the planet, but that still doesn’t mean people are going to start throwing money at you.

Your audience needs to trust you before they will buy anything from you.

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