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This service is currently unavailable due to an overload in demands. Expected to be back around 20-25 September 2017.

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551 thoughts on “Custom Banner Design”

  1. Hello ,

    Some one got redirected me to your service, I have started my New GPT surveys platform here it is I am looking for tier 1 country signups. Can you help me with this.

    Highlight topics in my site high referral commision, and moto of my site is Highest survey rates. my skype ID sai.kumarjalla

    Looking forward to hear back asap :)


  2. Hello Tanguy,

    Sorry for being a pain. But. Not sure how to even get a hold of you. Have not even hard back from you since May have sent many emails, left you Skype messages, left messages with your site chat and also send you LinkedIn messages to no reply back. Trying hard to get hold of you but you seem to have switched off or just ignoring me all together. Really though you would have at least reply in the first instance and have gotten back to me in a more reasonable time.

    Regardless. You leave me no choice but to post it here as you seem not to have gotten back to me and that I have given you plenty of opportunity to remedy things and for you to come clean and make right. I had hopes that you would too and would follow though with prompt reply of sort. I have tried to reach out to you to rebuild and to reset things.

    I have been a long time user and huge support of your site and services for many years but 1 outstanding project that we discusses in detail and that you would have it done. To this date nothing has been completed. Project started since Dec 2016 to this date nothing delivered/completed – your other project only taken few days to few short weeks to complete but not this 1 (simple) project. Over the time you have advised and made updates that you will have it done one X date, , you will focus on it and have it done next week etc.. Or soon. Should not be to far away yet all this passing time nothing has been done. Lots of high hopes, promises and missed deadlines added to the mix. Just really unsure why this 1 project has gotten to this point – seems to me like more excuses and no sighs of it coming to light. I really do not want to post it here but you leave me with little choice. Thought you understood the pain and huge inconveniences after all the passing time that you have caused me over this time and that you would have remedied things followed through and with urgency. (There are more details to this but I will not dive into it here)

    I just want you to get back to me and to resolve this 1 project out.

    I really hope you will get back to me soon.



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