ElegantThemes Review: the best drag and drop web page builder?

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ElegantThemes WordPress builder

WordPress categories are essential parts for navigation on your blog. It assists your readers to get or browse your content based on related topics, instead of chronologically.

Other SEO benefits are gained from using WordPress categories, both through helping the search engines understand the subjects covered on your website as well as an addition of related internal links.

Therefore, if you are serious about creating a WordPress internet site, you have likely run across a dilemma whether to stick with free themes or select a full-fledged premium solution. In facts, WordPress has been there since 2003 and is the most famous blogging software on the market.

Over some years back, WordPress has become the content management software of selection for most non-blogging websites. It’s very easy to use and has an intuitive interface that enhances quick addition of new pages, images, blog post among others on a regular basis.


Features and Benefits of Elegant WordPress Themes Builders

ElegantThemes is one of the best WordPress themes in the market. They offer professional WordPress Themes for every website. Elegant Themes contain all the Themes for Portfolio, Business, Multimedia, Magazines among others. They provide an enough number of responsive themes that are made to be viewed on all the devices, rather than computers only.

WordPress Theme Builder

Some of their unique Themes include Divi, Flexible, Evolution, eVid and Lucid.

These are just some of their 87 Themes.

Elegant Press also has several plugins, which come with their Lifetime Access Plans as well as Developer.

They include HandHeld Mobile Plugin, Elegant Page Builder, Elegant Shortcodes, and Maintenance Mode Plugin.

The best and most successful Elegant themes flagship is Divi, because of the feature of Drag and Drop web page builder. The Elegant theme has made Divi available as a standalone WordPress Plugin. This means that it is possible to add deep drag and drop posts of Divi and also edit page features to any website powered by WordPress, no matter which theme you are using. It consists of responsive design, Divi Builder, and some pre-made layouts.

Explore ElegantThemes features!


Divi 3.0 – The new version that build your WordPress template easily

As mentioned, Divi Builder is available as a standalone plugin and will ultimately work with any WordPress theme, not only those from Elegant Themes. Drag and drop web page builder tool is the core feature of this plugin. It will work with pages and posts, no matter what type or category of content you are creating on your site. You can add various custom layouts and populate these with an impressive number of content modules. It follows the rows and columns layout system which mean that you can add as many sections as you like to your page or post and then subdivide them into many columns as you require before adding your custom content.

Divi - Web Builder

Elegant Theme did a pretty great job of creating up levels of hype and anticipation by the release of Divi 3.0. In facts, Divi 3.0 version is fast, making extensive changes to posts and pages, and also have intuitive layouts, where you have ultimate control over the padding and margins between each column and row. Regarding the posts and pages building with this version, you will discover the process to be similar, whether you are creating a page in front-end or back-end. The only notable difference is that front-end provides a real-time visual editor.


Divi – an overview of the WordPress theme builder

Divi is a well-crafted, flexible, smart and responsive WordPress template that you can use for creating almost any type of websites. It boasts its robust framework, which is favorable for building an outstanding online presence.

This theme is also accompanied by tools and options that provide you with absolute control over the design and structure of your website. Its first fully responsive ensures that your site appears incredible, especially for any device. With Divi, every component of your theme adjusts faultlessly on various sizes of screens to make sure that all your web visitors have an optimal viewing experience. The pre-made layouts enable you to develop your site even if you are not professional or experienced in coding.


Divi Builder Review — Introduction to the new features:


It’s also very popular due to its uniqueness, user-friendly page builder, and fully functional which allows people to create excellent page layouts even without touching any line of code. Divi is a sophisticated drag and drop web page builder that lets users build an attention-grabbing site without putting forth more effort. It’s the best option for building persuasive testimonial page and portfolio. Some of the notable features include the customizable homepage, parallax backgrounds, tasteful icons, video support, fonts and unlimited WordPress theme color. You can use these features to develop an excellent online presence for your company, business, organization, and brand.


Divi – Drag and drop web page builder

Divi Builder also includes forty content modules that can be inserted easily into your custom row and column layout. That is an impressive number. Are these content modules useful? Some of the outlines from these content module library also include a call to action buttons, email opt-in forms, pricing tables, countdown timers, testimonials, and video sliders.

Divi Builder Modules

By activating Divi Builder on your organization or business site, you will instantly change or replace the functionality of many other commercial and free plugins at the same time. This will not only reduce the amount of the load on your website but also save a lot of money too. Most of these content modules are accompanied by a significant number of variation which will ensure that you are not stuck with the default configuration. Almost all of them have an impressive number of setting to enable you to customize them to match your vision and site.

Divi Builder Brand

Divi also comes with a role editor which makes it easy to control the level of the user can access particular elements of the builder. You will appreciate this feature if you have a co-authors writing contents for your blog and you don’t want this author to start building layouts for their posts. Alternatively, you may direct your co-authors to utilize particular modules from the builder including images and full-width headers. In either way, you can control exactly what you want to do with the role editor. Also, if you are a website designer and you are worried on a particular client breaking the custom designs that you have created with Divi WordPress theme after handling over their website, you will get ultimate help to reduce the chances of it happening using the role editor.

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Divi Plugin – Avoid issues when changing your WordPress theme

Divi Plugin - Change WordPress themes without loosing modifications

Divi plugin provides you with an easy way to switch themes without destroying all your page layouts and custom designs.

If you are already using the Divi theme such as the Divi Builder functionality by activating the Builder Plugin on your website, but switching from the Theme, you got an exit strategy for leaving the Divi theme.


Flexible Elegant Theme

Flexible is a minimal and sleek portfolio theme that is packed with excellent features. This theme puts your work first, keeping the design components to a minimum while still maintaining a definitive modern style. It has an Ajax-powered or filterable multimedia gallery and is perhaps the most feature-rich photo theme. Flexible is fully responsive WordPress templates, and it adapts on the fly to different screen sizes to make sure that website always appears high, no matter which device you are using. In facts, you are no longer required to zoom or scroll around when browsing your site on iPhone. The Featured Slider is swipe enabled.

Flexible WordPress Theme

Flexible Theme employs a sortable Ajax gallery for portfolio pages. The gallery items are added in smoothly using ajax and can also be sorted into various categories without necessarily re-loading the page. This ensures browsing in your portfolio a more enjoyable and quicker experience. The Theme Gallery also supports Video.

Flexible Theme has unlimited WordPress Theme colors. It comes with the Elegant CSS Control Panel, which allows you to adjust the Theme’s fonts and colors quickly. You can choose from an unlimited number of colors, background textures and dozens of fonts.


Evolution WordPress Theme

It’s a premium WordPress theme created by Elegant Themes and offers the first fully responsive WordPress template design in their gallery.

This Theme comes with four different layouts that appear great not only for your computer but also for tablets and mobile phones. In facts, evolution theme uses CSS media queries which are responsible for triggering various layout sets at different sizes of the screens. You will not be required to scroll and zoom around when browsing on your mobile devices.

If you have been looking for a straightforward and professional WordPress theme layouts that are Tablet and Mobile friendly, evolution is the best WordPress theme for you.

Evolution Theme WordPress

Evolution theme comes with four unique color scheme to select from, including Blue, White, Red, and Green. It is possible to switch between these four colors at any time within the ePanel theme options page. It’s also accompanied by four distinct design variation or layouts.

In these design changes, they are served to your users according to their screen sizes. Elegant themes have tailored each design to improve the usability of your site, especially when viewed on small screens. Evolution theme has enhanced the experience for Mobile Visitors, and there is no need of using the third party mobile plugins or even other mobile themes. In facts, evolution them will display impressively on smaller size screens because it’s responsive in nature. It will change when the Tablet or Phone is flipped between landscape and portrait modes through the use of CSS3 media queries.


ElegantTheme opinion

Unlimited Premium Themes Subscription

To be a bit personal, when I learned WordPress, Elegant themes was my first subscription for a premium theme. In facts, Elegant serves over 300,000 clients with its 87 Themes which are ready to download.

Somebody who is more familiar with WordPress understands that the best theme can make all the difference.
At the same time, experienced and professional users know the advantages of using a quality theme and not depending on free or other default themes offered.

The following are some benefits of using Elegant Themes over other paid theme providers:


ElegantTheme – Six reasons to use this wordpress builder

1. Elegant Theme is beneficial to entrepreneurs and web designers. WordPress is used by anyone to create any web. Whenever you need to create a news site, a blog or a corporate website, you can use Elegant WordPress Theme builders. Immediately after installation, it’s ready to use and require no configuration.

ElegantThemes - Flexible builder

It’s also flexible, no matter the purpose of your WordPress, whether as a famous E-commerce site and is versatile to meet any and all of your requirement through its extensive features. Elegant WordPress theme builder also integrates with some powerful platforms available to provide your business or company with an additional boost. If you need to launch a business email campaign, or you want to acquire paid product and services, Elegant theme WordPress can work well with the most popular payment gateways.

2. Elegant themes are a website and lite made, having Elegant theme loads quicker than a site rendered on some other premium themes.

3. Elegant themes membership has unlimited usage. It has one-time licenses where you will access 87 Themes with a cost of a single premium theme.

4. They provide all kinds of Themes all over from Blogging Themes, E-commerce Theme, affiliate marketing theme, and business web themes. They also SEO friendly where all the Elegant Themes can be controlled by an ePanel to add a logo or create a homepage slider.

5. Using ePanel, the customization of Elegant Theme is very easy and faster. It’s possible to customize the background and also color.

6. Elegant Themes can be used with any number of sites. They don’t restrict usage of their themes. In facts, you can install a single theme in multiple locations in a unique way, and nobody provides such large number of the Theme at one-time cost plus a multiple website usage licenses. Most web designers and developers use Elegant Themes to create the web for their clients. They like offering developers with functional and beautiful design options for web designers.

This is the tool I’m using to build and resell my custom landing page designs; or design catchy sale pages (e.g. for my banner advertising service).


Final words – ElegantTheme user review

Are you a new developer, or working as a freelancer? Therefore, purchasing and installing Elegant themes is the perfect option compared to buying a single theme on other providers. It’ll assist you in improving your coding knowledge. In facts, their forum moderators have a quick to response and are everywhere around the globe.

Elegant themes usually publish several themes in every year, and this will ensure that you receive two-three Themes during membership and will save your money because you will provide 87 different themes at the cost of a single theme.

If you are planning to use your Theme for the website of your client, Elegant Theme is recommended because it’s possible to use these Themes on an unlimited WordPress builders on a various number of client or personal websites. They have a huge selection at your disposal.

Let me know in comments if you have experience with Elegant Themes or if you have any query or feedback related to this topic! :-)

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Drag and Drop web page builder
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Drag and Drop web page builder
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ElegantThemes provides you with 87+ prebuilt WordPress themes. It includes a plugin, called Divi Builder, which allows you to create WordPress templates.

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  1. Hello Emily,

    Thank you for this ElegantThemes Review! :-)

    Such high-quality WordPress builders are rare. And the most amazing part is that they allow you to use it with no limit (unlimited license).

    This opens the door to a lot of business opportunities, even for those who have limited skills when it comes to design and coding.

    I’m using it myself on the sale pages on howtogetref.com, and this is definitely a huge time saver which allow you to present your services in an attractive manner.

    I also launched a landing page service more recently were I build the templates through Divi Builder.

    While I have some basic knowledge about coding, I still prefer to use the tool as it saves me a lot of time and effort by using the front-end builder. This allows me to focus on the design and propose something valuable in a short timeframe.

    Over the long run, you can really multiply your productivity exponentially. As you are able to pre-build and save your own custom elements for a future usage.

    Thanks for your work!

    Tanguy – Incognito007


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