Testimonial : how to get direct referral online ?

Get Direct Referral Online

Are you looking for the best ways to get direct referrals? If yes, you may love Tanguy’s advertising services as much as I do.

In this testimonial, I share my experience, as a returning customer, and explain how I managed to get a lot of my direct referrals.


Get direct referrals online: how I heard about HowToGetRef.com

Method to get direct referral that works

I met Tanguy more than a year ago while I was searching for methods to get cheap direct referrals. Through my Google investigation, I discovered this blog – howtogetref.com.

There were quite a lot of positive testimonials, so I was curious to see if it could perform well for me.

I tested it and then I rapidly became a regular user. Why ? Simply for the quality of services but also for his human qualities. He is more than a site owner looking for profit, he is really skilled and does no hesitate to help and mentor you providing with efficient online marketing strategies.


A great answer to the “I need direct referrals for my site” issue:

Active Direct Referral

I have never been disappointed by its services whether it is the Custom Banners or the Banner Advertising, the results have always been there.

It’s a great help to get active direct referral.

From my last advertising campaign, I received about twenty direct referrals in 15 days.

While it’s obvious that everyone will not take action and become active, it can lead to some massive results in the long run – especially if you do some follow-ups.


Be consistent and apply a long-term strategy to get direct referrals:

The first thing to be aware of is that the services that offer you package to buy direct referrals are a scam. They give you either nothing, either robots or fake referrals that may put your account at risk. You need to get them through advertising and track the results to optimize things on the long-run.

Direct Referral Strategy

You also need to keep in mind that it’s impossible to get 100% of active referrals.

What matters the most is to work on the quality, as one large and active referral may worth way more than 10s random ones.

The recruitment “work” is not an easy task to perform, you need to be consistent and be visible as often as possible.

This is what Tanguy offers us through its various marketing services and that is why I do not hesitate to use them so regularly.

Visit the store now, and learn more about the services!


Blogging is powerful. Paid review too:

MyPayingAds Review

I recently tested another of it services, which I consider is one of the most valuable: the Paid reviews.

I asked Tanguy to create and post a MyPayingAds Review based on my guidelines and it is now among the first results on Google for different keywords such as “MyPayingAds Scam”, “MyPayingAds Legit” and more.

I am really satisfied with the result. And this is not the result of chance, but thanks to the skill of Tanguy who is very talented for choosing the best keywords and improve the ranking through Search Engine Optimization.

Keyword Optimization Ranking for MyPayingAds Review


Earn money online: the direct referral strategy to earn more commissions:

Direct Referral Commission

By using those services, I moved from shadows into the light.

I’m now visible, not only by its 9000+ subscribers but also for all users interested or seeking information about MyPayingAds.

I highly recommend using Tanguy’s services for several reasons: its human quality, its sense of ethics but also its impressive skills in marketing.

I have used different services (custom banners, banner advertising and paid reviews) and I can say that I’m always completely satisfied. I will, therefore, continue to use them regularly and I encourage all those who are looking for active referrals to give a try.

In one sentence: Referralbooster is the place to be! :)
And you, did you test the services? Post your feedbacks, testimonials or any asks you have in the comment section below! :)

Get Direct Referrals Online
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Get Direct Referrals Online
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This testimonial reviews our services and quote whether it may help to get direct referral online.

12 thoughts on “Testimonial : how to get direct referral online ?”

  1. Hello, Maurice Bilioniere, I’m Khandaa. I’m Mongolia. I’m Fine ptc’s free member. How do I get the my money? Help me, please. Write me an answer, i’ll wait.

    • Hi Khandaa,

      It’s a real pleasure to receive your message. Thank you.

      What do you mean by : “How do I get the my money?”.

      Would you like to know how to withdraw your money from a PTC site in which you participate ?



  2. Hey Maurice,

    This is a great post to get direct referrals. Now this is what is marketing and how it should be done online. Keep up the great work guys. Thanks :-)

  3. I will thank you Tanguy for quickly response and helping me in my search for extra income and hopefully primary in some time. I already got some DR on this small investment.

    • Hello Bard,

      Thanks for the feedback and you are welcome!

      I’m glad I could help you to get started. And I’m wishing you the best to grow further in near future.

      Ps. If you love the service, you may monetize it as well by inviting your friends towards our affiliate area and contest.

      Cheers and Enjoy your weekend,
      Tanguy – Incognito007

  4. I am using Tanguy’s services for more than a year and i have never been disappointed with the results. The advertising campaigns delivered me tons of referrals from day one. Are you looking for direct referrals? Give it a try! ;)

    Incognito007 is also a very skilled graphic designer. His designs were exactly what i had always imagined – clear, clean, continous, with a focus on stylistic elements. It has been a great experience working with him.

    Referralbooster is awesome! :)

  5. Hello Maurice,

    Thanks a lot for the review and testimonial about my services! :)

    I was really happy when I saw that content forwarded and ready for a publication.

    It’s appreciated, mate. I’m glad you did find some value and enjoy the results provided.

    Stay awesome. Cheers,
    Tanguy – Incognito007

    • Hi Tanguy,

      Sorry for late reply. This is a busy period, a lot of work, as you I suppose :) .

      Thank you for your comment. Those who don’t yet use your services don’t know what they are missing. I continue to enjoy it a maximum !

      All the best,


      • Hello Maurice,

        No worries. I know how it may feel when you get overloaded with work! ;)

        I’m wishing you all the best and lot of courage to deal with your tasks!

        Tanguy – Incognito007


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