Testimonial: 2,000 Direct Referrals in few months!

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Hello all,

I am Andy from Greece, also known as Andylord.

Andylord, 2000 Direct Referrals

I started my PTC Journey almost 1 year ago. So far, regardless of the ups and downs I’ve had, I have realized that we can make a lot of money from PTC sites if we invest our money and time with caution.

As long as we choose carefully the sites we work with and get Direct Referrals as our main source of income, it is most likely that in the end, we will be in profit. Certainly, we will lose money in some cases as this is a very risky business. However, I believe the profit is very lucrative and makes up for that fact.

The Direct Referrals Expert – Tanguy

I have been working with my dear friend Tanguy (Incognito007) for about 7 months now so I decided to post my experience in this blog and encourage people to join one of the few original PTC blogs where your expectations are met.
Without Tanguy, I doubt I would be in the position to cash out so much money and be in profit across the majority of the PTCs I have joined.
During the past few months I have bought a lot of Banner Packs and quite a few Custom banners for the sites I am focusing my campaigns on. Needless to say, the results were always up to or higher than my expectations. For that reason, I always keep my banner threads active across several sites by adding new packs regularly.
I have about 2000 Direct Referrals at the moment across several PTC sites, most of which (at least 80%) were acquired through Banner Packs. What’s more important though than the number of DRs is the cost of acquisition.

Value for money Advertising

Banner advertising has always been for me the cheapest way to get DRs regardless of the site I was focusing on. So far, I have realized that the most crucial aspect of this type of advertising is to display a banner that people will want to click more than the standard banners.

The importance of Custom Banners

The one and only way to achieve that is to have your own custom banners for each of the sites you’re advertising. Custom banners get very high Click Through Rate (CTR)! In case you aren’t familiar with the term CTR I will give you an example:
Let’s say that we display our banner 100 times. If it gets clicked 1 time then the CTR is 1/100 or 1%.
So, keep in mind that standard banners (the ones that the sites provide) usually get a CTR of 0.03% to 0.07% while custom banners get 0.07% to 0.15% usually. This means that roughly twice more people will click your banners if you have your own custom ones. Therefore, you are expected to get up to twice more DRs when using custom banners instead of the standard ones.

Spread your banners !

Another significant advantage of banner advertising is the possibility to spread your campaign across many sites. Banners are cheap giving you the possibility to display them across many sites for long periods of time, without spending a fortune.
Keep in mind that big fractions of the people who will join your downline have recently joined the PTC world. They are the ones that are more likely to subscribe since they haven’t joined all the sites yet. For that reason, it is always good to spread your banners across many sites and make sure that as many new members as possible will see your banner.


If you’re serious about getting Direct Referrals, there is no better place to be than this blog. Not only can you purchase advertising services that perform brilliantly but you can also get advices on every PTC-related matter by the PTC Genius – Tanguy. He is always friendly and happy to help with all your questions; I know that at first-hand.


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Let us know your thoughts in comments! :)

Ps. your activity may be rewarded through our contest (Learn More).

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125 thoughts on “Testimonial: 2,000 Direct Referrals in few months!”

    • Hello Kam,

      There are a lot of different ways to advertise online and to bring eyes to your offer.

      Keep in mind that the results will always vary.
      I believe that the best way to proceed is to perform some tests… so that over time, you could scale up the advertising campaigns that worked the best for your specific case.

      My personal 3 favorites are:

      1- Content creation (e.g. blog) it requires time but you may reap huge benefits from it.

      2- Promote your offer through banner advertising and with a custom banner design.
      Andy shared some guidelines and tips above on how to improve your results and get conversions.

      3- Solo ads (works great for high-ticket offers).

      Let me know what experience and tests you made so far, and what kind of offer you are trying to promote! :)

      Have a great day,
      Tanguy – Incognito007

        • Hello Mayur,

          Building a team of 2000 active referrals on Clixsense is quite a challenge, as it’s highly competitive website.

          Your earning would depends a lot on whether your referrals perform a lot of tasks or not, and how active they are.
          But to give an idea, I’m having 150-200 active referrals and I do $45-$100 monthly in commissions.

          So I guess 2000 active referrals could turn out to yield from $400 to $2000 monthly.

          Good luck! :)

          Tanguy – Incognito007

    • Hello Kam,

      If you try to promote Clixsense, which is highly competitive, you will need to make some effort to stand out from the crowd.

      As most of the people are used to see the default promotional tools since a few years…

      Also, you can have a look on my Clixsense Review as there are some country restrictions
      and some which have way higher potential in terms of earning :)

      Tanguy – Incognito007

  1. I need referrals…I promote onelife.eu
    Though I have created a content(a blog) for it, how do I even drive traffic to the blog,hence to my link. This is all so kinda confusing

    • Hello Nulia,

      While paid advertisement may help to boost your alexa ranking,
      I believe that your main focus as a new blog owner is to understand what SEO (“Search Engine Optimisation”) is.

      You need to learn how to respect the basic structures to be Google-friendly in your navigation and writing. This will give you a chance to be ranked in the top results on Onelife-related keywords.
      I plan to cover those topics on my blog in a near future, but meanwhile, you can learn the basics through Google.

      My recommendation would be to do the following search in Google: type “Search Engine Optimization Tutorial filetype:pdf” and get your hands on 2-3 PDF on the topic.

      Why? Because mastering the SEO skills allow you to drive free organic traffic from Google and reap the benefit in the long term.
      Being able to attract those people who seek information on that particular topic have tremendous value. Indeed, they usually convert into referrals or sales as you reply to their existing needs! :-)

      Additionally, it’s awesome if you understand how to write in a “smart” way to convey your message to the readers without appearing as “salesy.”

      Again, there are a lot of resources online on those topics, but if you wish to fast-track the learning process, I recommend you to register for a free Wealthy Affiliate membership.
      This is an online marketing “University” where you can connect and network with other bloggers, access forum boards, webinars, ask for help and more.

      While the access to that part is limited for seven days on the free trial, you can still enjoy your lifetime access to a 10-lessons course about online marketing.
      It covers various topics going from the blog creation to its monetization… :-)

      This was quite an eye-opener for me and allowed me to improve both, my blog and its success.

      They also provide you with tools which help you to find valuable keyword related to your niche (e.g. cryptocurrencies and altcoins). You always need to think in terms of competitivity (on the keywords) versus potential organic traffic assuming you manage to rank on 1st page of Google.

      Let me know if it was helpful and if I can assist you with something else.

      Tanguy – Incognito007

        • Hello Nulia,

          You are welcome. I’m glad to help! :-)

          Blogging is a profitable way to spend your time if you learn the basics and are focused enough to keep the effort until the results come in.
          Personally, I had close to no organic results for the first six months; then it escalated quickly!

          This community is now nearing 10k registered members and building an email list or promoting affiliate programs does not require a lot of effort anymore.

          On the side note, I don’t remember if it was the best one,
          but I found this 61 pages “SEO formula” on my dropbox: click to download.

          Have a great day,
          Tanguy – Incognito007

        • Hello Nulia,

          You just need to visit our network banner advertising service and purchase the package of your choice.

          I advise starting small if you are unsure about the results, then scale up if the results suit you! :-)

          You will receive instructions through email upon purchase, but basically what is requested is that you forward your referral link and a 468×60 pixels banner image (link or file) through email at sales@howtogetref.com

          When everything is setup and running online, you will receive confirmation through email, along with a public track link to follow your banner click-through.

          If you don’t wish to use the default/official banner design and give a try with something unique to brand yourself and stand out from the crowd; you may as well enjoy the custom banner design service.

          All the best,
          Tanguy – Incognito007

  2. Hi Incognitoo,

    Thanks for creating such an amazing blog and banner ad services, I believe results would also be amazing when I buy a package. I’m new to the industry and really don’t know well about PTC. I’m involved in RevShares…MPCA and FutureAd Pro where I promote banners but haven’t got any referrals since I started. Please guide me if your banner services are different from RevShare ad services. Cheers!

    • Hello Seun,

      You are welcome. And thanks for the feedback concerning my blog and services.

      When it comes to advertising, it’s hard to quote any guarantee, especially on banner advertising as the people have no incentives to click or join your opportunity.
      This said you will find a lot of comments and testimonials around the blog from people who tested it and were happy with the results.

      Paid-To-Click industry is large, and it is way cheaper to promote your offer there which is why it can work great. But you need to make sure your offer is attractive and match such audience.

      If it’s linked to “money making online”, and especially if it has a free or low-ticket entry, this worth to be tested.
      I always recommend to start small, test the results, and then only scale up if it suits your needs/expectations.

      And keep in mind that getting the signup is not the only step to reach success, it’s also very important to follow up with the prospect and provide them with the details they may need to get started the right way.

      Happy earning! :-)

      Tanguy – Incognito007

  3. Hello,
    I just create blog to promote neobux.
    right now, my visitor around 300 – 500 per days but still no one register under my referral link.
    need your advise please.

    • Hello Dedi,

      Make sure your article are descriptive and allow people to get started step-by-step.

      Neobux is highly competitive, but the keywords get high-traffic too! :)
      If you learn how to research keywords and boost your Search Engine Optimization, the results could be great.

      WealthyAffiliate is a place where you can learn that and connect with a bunch of other bloggers to discuss on those topics:

      If you have no budget for it, you may also seek for free information on google typing queries such as “SEO Tutorials fileype:pdf“;
      but it’s harder to get something structured and up-to-date :)

      (ps. you don’t necessarily need a budget for wealthyaffiliate as they have an affiliate program which usually converts like crazy on blogs).

      Let me know if that helps.

      Tanguy – Incognito007

  4. Hi Tanguy – Incognito007,

    I would like purchase international/referrals, using my Payza referral link.

    So far, I only have one to my credit. I would appreciate your advice on this.

    Kind regards


  5. Hiya Incognito007!
    I am planning to purchase banner ads from you ($10 Package) in order to get DAs for Family Clix. If it works, I will scale up my banner ad campaign further in future.

    However before I make an investment I need your advice regarding its future and whether its a legit site. Also is it highly competitive or do you think getting DAs for it would be easier?

    It gets a lot of visitors from Twickerz, so would you display my banner there?

    Let me know your thoughts, please.
    Hoping for a successful purchase, Thanks.

    • Hello Danial,

      Brand new websites definitely convert even better; not sure about Familyclix, probably it is somewhere in the middle (easier than Clixsense/Neobux, but harder than a new site).

      On the default mix, I use Twickerz; but if you don’t want to use it, you can exclude it or pick between the available website by yourself.

      All the best,
      Tanguy – Incognito007

  6. hey incognito007
    your article is really very informative after reading your article now i find a way from which i can make direct refferals thanks for sharing

  7. I too started using PTC site almost 2 years ago. Now, I have a lot of referrals. I got all them from my blog. I explained my readers with tutorials and list posts. They joined and I have some good referrals.

  8. I have used clixsense, a long time ago. I got few referrals. But I stopped using clixsense after graduation to concentrate on freelance. Clixsense is best for top-tier countries.

    • Hello Ibalachandar,

      Thanks for your feedback! :)

      Nice, freelancing is a great way to monetize a skill – which platform are you on/recommending? (Fiverr, Freelancer,…).
      I was used to providing some design and video edit gigs back in the days… it helped a lot to finance my first steps online.

      As for Clixsense, are you still using it? I love the website, but I’m yet to browse the remaining payment gateways to find a convenient way to withdraw.
      I have no account yet at Skrill/Payoneer – not sure which one is the best.

      Cheers, and I’m wishing you a lot of success with your freelancing career.
      Tanguy – Incognito007

  9. Thanks for sharing your infos.
    I would like to post my experience about the research of Clixsense’s referrals.
    I tried everything in my life, but in the last months I found a good technique to get direct referrals.

    1. Using Quora
    Everyone knows the “new” social network about questions. The strategy it’s just to answer to the questions about MONEY ONLINE posting and explaining how ClixSense works.
    I received 6 referrals!

    2. Using Moneymakerland (link in title)
    I found this website luckly just surfing in Google. It’s really good organized and it offers a nice “booking service”.
    I received 13 referrals!

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