10 thoughts on “GPTPlanet Review – Is GPTPlanet Scam or Legit?”

  1. I am a member of GPTplanet. İt is very slow to earn money being a standart member. You should get many referals to earn more money.

  2. I have just started with PTC business. I have also registered with GPT planet and SC. Should we sign up for 15 to 20 PTC to earn more or 2 to 5 PTC is enough?

  3. While I have not worked it much. I am thinking that I should at least give a far shot.
    Hopefully things will pan out as they should. We all know there has been so many changes taking place online.

  4. this ptc gpt is scam when i reach the payout amount after 6 months of hard work they close my account this happens 3 time (6 x 3 months) i waste my time :\ on this sht site ..
    gptplanet is scam

    • Hello KKDani,

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts about GPTPlanet! :) How long have you been a member there?

      I registered a few years back, and so far, I’m really satisfied with how this paid-to-click is managed. Dimitris is doing a great job.

      Cheers and All the best,
      Tanguy – Incognito007


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