The One Thing Every Marketer Should Do To Improve Email Open Rate

Improve Email Open Rate

Once you managed to build a responsive email list, it may happen that one of your campaigns didn’t get the response you expected.

When you create some fresh content with love, there is nothing more frustrating than noticing through your open rate statistics that a large chunk out of your subscribers did not even bother read it.

Should you call it a flop and write-off a loss?

Email Spam Complain

Surprisingly, a lot of people facing such issue either consider it failed (and leave the money on the table) or decide to broadcast the same content once more and suffer from unsubscribes, complaints and spam reports from the initial readers.


FACT #1: People subscribed to your newsletter because they had some interest in what you have to offer and they may just have missed your email because it was tagged as “Spam”, “Promotion”, or its title was not compelling for them.

FACT #2: While you don’t want to send duplicate content to your followers, it would be stupid to miss the opportunity to do business or connect with your audience.

In such case, there is still a way to contact again your subscribers in a respectful and smooth way — and it’s called Email Segmentation.


Create An Email Follow Up After Last Campaign (the right way)

Email Marketing Trick

How do you broadcast your content once more without annoying your loyal readers?

The “trick” is to send a follow-up campaign only to the subscribers who didn’t open the campaign.

Nowadays, such feature is usually available in all email autoresponder software.

Ps. I’m personally using and recommending Aweber (but if you seek for an alternative, I would recommend to check out ConvertKit as well).

Create An Aweber Account

You may keep the exact same email content (as the first readers won’t see it again), but I would recommend to change the email title.


Unopened Segmentation with Aweber

A few days after you sent the email, go to “Message” > “Broadcast” and click “View Stats” on your broadcasted email.

You will get redirected to the statistics dashboard.

Once you are there, select (1) “Opens”, (2) “Unopened” and (3) “Send Directly to These Subscribers“.

Email Open Rate Aweber

Choose a segment name, and hit “Save your segment”.

This will create a segment of subscribers who received your last campaign but did not open it.

You can now “Copy to Drafts” your broadcast and pick your newly created segment on the sending options.

The job is done.
Those who missed your email content previously will now get a second luck — and everyone remains happy! :)

Let me know in the comment if you were aware of this feature, and if you have any other suggestion to improve the email marketing success.

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