Jaaxy Keyword Tool Review – How to Get High Ranking on Google

Jaxxy Review: Online Keyword Tool

Jaaxy is a niche or an online keyword tool that reduce your keyword research efforts down to a bare minimum.

If you are starting a new website, or trying to create the next popular article for your site or blog, Jaaxy can assist you.


It usually collects search data from the main search engines; Google, Yahoo, and Bing, and displays them in a simplified form. Unlike other keyword tools, such as Google Keyword Planner, a tool geared for AdWords advertiser, it presents the collected search data in a more suitable and impressive manner for niche pursuing individuals such as visitors. It offers information on keyword competition and other useful stuff.

Let’s look more about Jaaxy keyword tool review.


Jaaxy Review — need help to get high ranking on Google?

If your organization or business has a website, you are most likely familiar or educated about the importance for your site to be optimized properly for search engines as well as how SEO works.


Jaaxy - Get High Ranking Google

Keyword research is typically the process of researching and selecting phrases and words that users will likely find, and relate to your business, service or product. Therefore, until you understand the phrase and words that are most important for your website ranking Google, you can’t optimize pages correctly to your site.


However, when the search of a user yields a site with content that matches closely to the service or information they were seeking, they are likely to stick around your site, dive deeper and sometimes convert to a customer.


Have you ever thought of how to get high ranking on Google?

Jaaxy assists you in revealing the unexploited high-traffic niches and find low competitive keywords that make it possible to get instant high ranking.

It also allows you to determine how much traffic you can expect if you select a particular keyword.

Find Low Competitive Keywords

Jaaxy brainstorms new keywords and niche ideas to create to-do lists for your project. It also unveils phrases metrics that will assist you in boosting your search engine optimization endeavors.


How Jaaxy keyword tool works and its features

The most important function of Jaaxy is its keyword research tool.

Once you use this tool, Jaaxy will give you a lot of great information that is crucial to understand. The following are some of the metric details and explanation found in Jaaxy keyword tool.


Jaaxy Review – Keywords Ranking Checker

1. Avg. (Monthly search): these are the number of searches a particular keyphrase or keyword has each month. They are the total traffic search for the keyword on Bing, Yahoo, and Google, all combined.

The recommended minimum for searches is fifty per month if you plan to create content around that keyword.


2. Estimated Traffic: it is the actual traffic you will get per month if your website ranks the best on Google’s first-page result. It is the lowest estimated traffic for those grades, and it will be impressive to see even more visitors coming to your site. In facts, it’s the best guess because there is no way to find what your click-through rate will be, without observing your meta description.


3. Keyword Quality Indicator: it’s the indicator of traffic light system and shows a yellow, green or red light for classification of your keyword. Note that Green is high, Yellow is good and Red is weak regarding competitiveness.

Jaaxy Keyword Analysis

4. Quoted Search Result (QSR): it explains to you how many pages or sites that are competing for the same keyphrase and keyword on search engine. In facts, Jaaxy usually uses a state-of-the-art algorithm to search precise keyword competition within Google and other search engines to provide a reliable figure. The lower this number is, the better.

When you are just beginning, it’s wise to aim for the hanging fruit keyword, which is less than 100. A pretty good number is 200 and 300.


5. SEO Power: Depending on the previous scores and the ranging from 0 to 100, SEO Power metrics tells you whether your Keyword is good for Search Engine Optimization. It describes how easy it’s to rank for a particular keyword and also if you will get a fair number of visitors.

At this area, the higher the number, the better, you should usually aim for over 80.


6. Domain Search: it checks and tells you whether there are exact match names of the domain for eight domain extensions (TLDs) available for your selected keyword.

Note that this feature is not available for free versions.


Jaaxy Review – How to market research?

7. Site Rank: it is a good keyword ranking software feature that allows you to add a keyword and domain, then Jaaxy tells you where your website’s ranking in Google for the inserted keyword. It checks website keyword ranking in search engine. In facts, it is awesome when you get yourself ranking high up on Google. You can also use this feature to analyze your competition.


8. Alphabet Soup: Alphabet Soup is a technique used together with Google search that has already added to Jaaxy. It’s an impressive feature for checking how well your post or the entire site is ranking. It usually takes advantage of Google Instant feature to add all the letters of the alphabet to your keyphrase or keyword depending on the actual searches done by people, to give you a long tail keyword.

Find Best Keywords Alphabet Soup

9. Saved Lists: it creates a list of keywords and compiles them to organize them by niche or topic. You are only required to pick keywords that appear significant in your search results and save them into the keyword list. You can then deepen your study and analysis on how good the keywords listed are, regarding competition and potential traffic. The files can be exported in (.TXT) or (.CSV) which enables you to import them into your favorite spreadsheet and evaluate them offline.


10. Affiliate Programs: after finding your keyword you are required to understand whether there is money to be generated in that niche. The tool finds Affiliate Programs as well as products for you to promote and earn revenue. It allows you to screen marketplaces such as Commission Junction, Link Share, Digital River, or Click bank for the best deals.

Where To Find Affiliate Program For My Niche?

11. Brainstorm: it is a nice feature that assists you to overcome writer’s block or those moments you have no ideas for what niche to select. In facts, it picks the latest trends from search engines.

Writer Block - Overcome Empty Sheet


How much does Jaaxy Cost?

There is three pricing plan on Jaaxy; two are paid plans while one is free.

1. Free Plan: this plan is great to test how Jaaxy works, and whether it’s something you would be willing to subscribe for. It usually provides you with 30 searches queries of any kind.

Find my top 30 keywords now! (free)


2. Pro Plan: it costs $19 per month.

Three times faster searches compared to free plan, Domain availability, extensive keyword searches, QSR keyword competition, SEO Power analysis among other features will be found in this program.

3. Enterprise Plan: usually costs $47 per month and you will access all the pro plan. Plus instant competition analysis, instant domain availability information, five times faster than the free program, up to five tabbed searches, Alphabet Soup Search showing up to 50 results among others.

Jaaxy Membership - Which one should I choose?


Jaaxy also got an affiliate program which usually grants you with between $8 to $200 for each and every sale. The earnings are recurring until canceled and payments are processed through Paypal.

Jaaxy was developed and is currently maintained by the same team who owns and founded Wealthy Affiliate Company. This is extra credit, especially when it comes to trusting the service you are going to subscribe.

Long Tail Pro is an impressive keyword tool, but it contain glitches, and it’s more expensive compared to Jaaxy Keyword Tool. If you are creating an online business, you require a good keyword tool.

And Jaaxy is a powerful one!

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And you what are your favorite tools to rank in Google? Did you test Jaaxy Keyword Tool yet? How was your experience? Let me know in the comment section!

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Jaaxy is a niche or an online keyword tool that reduce your keyword research efforts down to a bare minimum.

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  1. Hello Emily,

    Thank you for sharing this Jaaxy Keyword Tool Review! :-)

    I was quick to notice that if you wish to grow your business through organic traffic, you need to get data about what people are searching. Jaaxy has been a game changer for this blog, allowing me to rank higher and pick the right keywords to get the most results out of my time.

    Whether you learned to write blog article by yourself, or decided to delegate the task to a freelancer (and need to forward instructions), Jaaxy is always a great help.

    It’s crucial to start with long tail keywords at the beginning; then you can slowly target the more competitive ones assuming your improved domain authority allow it.

    On the side note, people should always focus on the value because the social interactions play a significant role into your ranking ability since the last Google algorithm update. But bringing value in a Google-friendly way may multiply your results big time! ;-)

    Tanguy – Incognito007


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