KeyCDN Review – The Best Content Delivery Network? (CDN)

KeyCDN Review - Content Delivery Network

Regarding content connectivity, Content Delivery Network (“CDN”, such as KeyCDN) are the backbone of the internet and browsing.

Most people interacts with CDN every day without realizing, especially when shopping online, browsing articles on news websites, watching videos on YouTube among others.

You first need to understand the issues CDN is designed to solve for you to recognize why it’s widely used. It’s designed to reduce latency, a delay that occurs from the moment a browser request to load a particular page to present the entire content appear.


KeyCDN Review – What is CDN?

A Content Delivery Network is a system of distributed network that delivers web content and web pages to a user depending on the origin of the website page, geographical location of the user, and content delivery server.

It’s a collection of the global servers that find and deliver web materials such as images, Javascript files, and videos.

KeyCDN - Analytics

CDN service is most useful in speeding the connections as well as delivery of content in a site that have global reach and high traffic.

KeyCDN is the is a content delivery server which has a mission of developing and engineering a content delivery solution and is the best Content Delivery Network all over the world.
The company offers professional and reliable services.

The following is a KeyCDN review.

KeyCDN - Features


KeyCDN Review – Why do you require CDN?

KeyCDN, a service of Proinity Ltd, provide high-performance Content Delivery Network packages at a very reasonable and competitive price in the market.

Content Delivery Network - Improve Google Ranking

Having a site that loads quickly is a ranking factor to Google. So, if your site is slow, it has a higher chance of low ranking compared to sites that load faster.
Improving the performance of the loading time of your website means you are also improving the chances of being ranked higher by Google or search engines.


Also, most users tend to leave the page if it’s loading slowly. Once a huge number of web visitors “bounce” from your site, you will get a negative impact on your organic rank.

KeyCDN is the best WordPress content delivery network compared to other free alternatives such as CloudFlare.
CloundFlare does not apply for simple static files such as Zip, RAR, Mp4, Mp3 among others. In facts, CloundFlare does not have transparent pricing for high volume plan, but it is not free.

KeyCDN is very upfront regarding the pricing for the high volume plan, but once tested, it’s advisable you use a decent amount.

KeyCDN - Pricing

KeyCDN mitigates DDoS attacks closely, in the background, to assist in keeping the users’ site safe. Their edge servers are monitored to detect and also rectify any possible attacks.


KeyCDN Review – Do you want to join KeyCDN?

KeyCDN usually provides an attractive CDN affiliate program that you can benefit. Any client of KeyCDN can take advantage of this program and of course, generate extra credits, especially from referrals on a regular basis.

Content Delivery Network - Affiliate Program

They provide you with a unique link to use for your promotion, and this plan is ideal for popular bloggers and web owners.

In facts, it takes free of charge to join in through my affiliate link, and you get $10 in credit.

Claim my $10 FREE credit and test the service!


KeyCDN Review – Main features:

KeyCDN usually works with different peering partners to maintain their service cost as little as possible which allow them to offer very competitive prices.

They also engineered their architecture plus the infrastructure is entirely owned by KeyCDN.

Their POPs are situated in premium SSAE 16-compliant data centers such as Digital Realty and Equinix. They run on 100 percent SSD-optimized servers and Nginx to ensure lower latency.

  • Speed up your website (with a system of strategically positioned servers around the globe).

  • Easy integration with WordPress “CDN Enabler plugin”.

  • Use the link below to grab a 30-Days FREE trial (cancel anytime) and $10 in credits!

Try KeyCDN – Free trial ($10 value)

Content Delivery Network, CDN
Service Type
Content Delivery Network, CDN
Provider Name
Ruemikerstrasse 60,Winterthur,Switzerland-CH-8409,
Telephone No.+41 44 585 31 52
KeyCDN is a Content Delivery Network that delivers web content at the closest of the user's geographical location so that your website load faster.

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