Free Keyword Research Tool

This free keyword research tool below will assist you in creating the next popular article for your site or blog.

Keyword research is essential to your success. Get started now, and discover unexploited high-traffic niches and find low competitive keywords that make it possible to get instant high ranking.

Jaaxy — Free Keyword Research Tool

Jaaxy allows you to find the best keywords for your website so that you can rank higher in Google.
By using long tail keywords, you have an opportunity, even if you are a beginner, to rank in top results and receive free organic traffic.

Free Keyword Research Tool

This is probably the best way to generate sales and conversions for your business. People have a need, search how to fulfill it, and Google shows your business/offer as being the solution!


Jaaxy Opinion – Testimonial — How this Keyword Tool improved my business

At, I’m promoting several tools and resources as an affiliate; and I’m also providing design and marketing services.

When I started using Jaaxy, I targeted first long tail keywords (4-5 words) with ultra low competition and managed to rank at the top. This brings me the first customers and allowed me to gain an audience and build my blog authority without large expenses on paid advertising.


Blog Traffic

Once you understand Search Engine Optimization (SEO) properly and have a decent page/domain authority, you will be able to focus on high-traffic keywords and outrank your competitors. This usually translates into a lot of business opportunities.

For example, on this blog, I currently estimate that 70% of my sales comes from organic traffic (google), 20% from my affiliate program and the remaining 10% from paid ads.

You can use the box above, or create an account at Jaaxy, to find out your first 30 game changer keywords for free. The free plan is great to test how Jaaxy works, and whether it’s something that would help your business to prosper.

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Jaaxy - Free Keyword Research Tool