47 thoughts on “MyPayingAds Review: is MyPayingAds Legit or Scam?”

  1. So guys, finally what d you feel? Will Uday and MPA team work well to issue the refunds within the time frame? I’m worried because I joined this March with $5k but have withdrawn less than 10% of the money I spent.

    Is it legally possible to file a lawsuit or a case in case he does not return the funds? I mean busted for running a ponzi scheme?

    • Hi John,

      According to the last news, Uday Nara will gradually recover money from members. I’m confident with this news. I think you will recover your money in few month but you will have to be patient.

      About the lawsuit I don’t think this will be positive action because our laws don’t necessarly have power in their country.



  2. Please don’t invest in MPA/MPCA site any more. They freezed all Adpacks and stopped paying. All they are doing right now is using delay tactics in order to borrow some time(in order to negate disputes).

  3. Watch out for MyPayingads.
    There is something very suspicious behind the scenes.
    The Admin was saying that the company was doing very well and yesterday they said that they dont generate enough revenue to pay members(??????)WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!
    They stopped all withdrawals, adpacks not earning and they will start again at the beginning of 2018(???)
    So in 2018 they will find another excuse to make adpacks stop earning and they will say:”Sorry but we have to leave it until 2019….”What a joke!!!So dont be naive people!Be smart!Dont waste your money on these ponzis.

  4. Hi everybody,

    @John, @Kori and others.

    I am sorry for my long absence, I have a busy planing with my studies. In this bad period, I still have to react on this subject because the presentation of MPA on this blog is my responsibility.

    I am sorry for all those who have lost their money and encourages them to do an action even if it seems complicated. I have not lost money with MPA so I wish those who are in this case to get their money back.

    When I introduced MPA I really believed in the business, the services, the seriousness displayed by Uday Nara and the duration of the website. I waited 1 year before making a presentation. Unfortunately as everywhere, one can trust and make mistakes.

    I remain available to discuss with those who want. Good luck to all.


  5. Hello,
    Suddenly, It appears that MPA&MPCA are just a Ponzi sheme. Uday Nara used the strategy of “honesty” to play on the words and steal people’s money. I know that the terms of MPA&MPCA are clear that advertisements will no give you the benefit that you want. I here talking about the seed money of people that Uday Nara must refund those people he didn’t benefit nothing from the program. At least, he must refund them their seed money or the lawsuit might be filled against him because it will be considered as a scam.

  6. This is an exit-scam. I suggest we all figure out how to start a class action movement against this company. Once again, confirmed today MPA/MPCA IS AN EXIT SCAM

    • Hello Kori,

      With Uday sharing publicly the numbers and admitting he can’t cover the actual account balances (aka that he shared unexisting revenue as “sales income” following a Ponzi scheme),
      I guess a lawsuit would have its chance.

      The fact he pushed people to purchase “booster packages” and “recruit massively” while he was aware of those facts and figures is even worst…

      I was not active on MPA, nor have lost money in MPCA, but I wish you success if you decide to take such action.
      If anyone else is willing to hop in, I can share emails from each other in private.

      Tanguy – Incognito007

  7. Hey Tanguy,

    With the recent changes, cancelled withdrawals in place, it looks like Uday is going to let go off mpa and mpca for the first time? What do you think? Will mpa become the biggest ‘trusted’ scam?

    • Hello John,

      The numbers and financial status quoted by Uday on the Facebook group does not look good, indeed.

      The alarming part is that it appears that the revenue sharing is not tied to real sales (as it should).
      To be considered as “trusted,” anything showing on your back-office SHOULD be backed-up with already processed sales.

      From his last writing, it seems it’s not the case. While I appreciate the transparency, I can not support such scheme – unless it changes.

      If he launches his 3rd projects, and enable the new features he talked about last few months; it may gain some momentum again.
      This said, even if this happens, I don’t feel confident to promote or use it. The script should be built in a way that only a part of real sales gets shared. Otherwise, it’s just a money game that won’t end well.

      Ps. I removed the banner from my list: https://howtogetref.com/create-and-make-money-online-fast/

      Do you feel the same way?

      Tanguy – Incognito007

      • Pretty much Tanguy….With today’s update, I guess it is game over for mpa/mpca….Probably will be the biggest revshare n the history to collapse soon

  8. Great work.

    This is probably one of the most in-depth reviews of MyPayingAds that I’ve seen.

    Nara has made many changes and improvements to the program since this review was written so it now needs updating.

    For instance maximum daily earning potential (was capped at $200 daily) has now increased and is linked to your leadership ability.

  9. 02-04 February 2017: MyPayingAds is currently undergoing a scheduled maintenance, and faced unexpected struggles during this event. If you see “An Internal Error Has Occurred. Error: An Internal Error Has Occurred.” upon login attempts, it’s normal.

    This should be fixed shortly. For more details and follow-up, you can take part in the official MPA group over Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/Mypayingads123/

    Or get in touch with Maurice here! ;-)

  10. Happy to have found your site Tanguy … And more happy you are speaking french ;) I am also in MPA and yes it works fine ! I am going to follow up with you because I am very new to internet marketing and I have a lot to learn. Thanks for all the ressources here !

    • Thank you, Eric! It’s great to hear my site and the resources shared did help! :)

      Thanks for your feedback about MyPayingAds, it’s always great to read additional user experiences. From the comments so far, it looks like Uday is doing a great job at keeping MyPayingAds members happy…

      I would be glad to help you out where I can with your online marketing journey! Feel free to contact me anytime through comments or emailing sales@howtogetref.com

      Enjoy your day!
      Tanguy – Incognito007

    • Hi Eric,

      Thank you for your message. Welcome to this “world” of revenue sharing opportunity. MPA is a very good opportunity for start. We will be happy to advise you if you ever need it. Don’t hesitate.

      See you soon,


  11. I also wanted to ask concerning the problem the company had with paypal, because so many people are still complaining about not receiving their money from paypal. How was the matter resolved and is there a possibility of it reoccurring again.

    • Hi Kenn,

      Thank you for your message. Nice to read you. I will answer your questions one by one.

      – Can I still learn and earn like you?
      Yes, you can learn and earn like me thanks to MyPayingAds, this is easy to understand the system. Moreover, i can explain you my strategy, my “career” and help you if you need.

      – How can I register for mypayingcryptoads?
      If you want register on MyPayingCryptoAds, you can read another review on this blog : MyPayingCryptoAds Review: is MyPayingCryptoAds Legit or Scam?

      – Which is better to be a part of mypayingads (MPA) or mypayingcryptoads (MPCA) ?
      It depends on your expectations. MPA is older (March 2015 against November 2016 for MPCA). The main difference between this two websites is the payment method. MPA accept dollars and bitcoin when MPCA is entirely in crypto currencies. Esle, in general the plans and services are the same.

      If you want to join an older stable program, you join MPA. If you want to try a new promising program, you join MPCA.

      From my point of view, those are two complementary programs of the same owner. I am registered in both and I am satisfied.

      – How was the matter resolved and is there a possibility of it reoccurring again ?
      The problems with Paypal occurs in December 2015. They have been solved by removing Paypal from payment processors. Then there is no longer any payment problem and it can’t reocurring again thanks to the removal of Paypal.

      I hope i helped you. If you want more informations, don’t hesitate.

      Hope to read you,


  12. Good information, I must say, I found this review very interesting and I’m thinking if one does not have an idea of the business can I still learn and earn like you? Also how can I register for mypayingcryptoads? or which is better to be a part of mypayingads or mypayingcryptoads?


    • Hello Kenn,

      Thanks for the feedback!
      It’s good to hear you found some value through this MyPayingAds Review! :)

      I’m sure Maurice can guide you step by step towards your journey if you feel like the MyPayingAds services may help you toward reaching your goals.

      As far as I know, he is doing email follow up and welcome every MyPayingAds referral to help them with the business understanding. So, once you created your account, you could start a discussion together through email and get started from there.

      He is a enthusiastic member there since months, so he probably knows all the tricks and tips to fast-track your success leveraging to opportunity and database in there :)

      Concerning MyPayingCryptoAds, you can find the review (and my link) here:
      MyPayingCryptoAds Review

      Both are from the same owner and they will probably enjoy a similar business growth, so it’s really up to you to decide. Any future external event, positive or negative, would probably affect both websites.

      To break it down a little more…

      MyPayingAds is older and got an established database which can be powerful advertising wise. They have a 500+ days track-record, which make it easy to collect MyPayingAds payment proof or any other documentation you (or your referrals) would need. On the other hand, they have already a huge market penetration, which means finding people that don’t know about it and are willing to join may be harder (but it’s ALWAYS possible).

      They also have more deposits/withdrawals options which make it more flexible for the average joe.

      MyPayingCryptoAds got fewer members, but its community is growing fast. They use exclusively bitcoin as currency – which means fewer fees and extra advantages in the case bitcoins follow its upwards trend. While you are able to deposit and withdraw in bitcoins from MPA, you are tied to the cryptocurrency volatility there (as it’s denominated in dollars). It may be harder to get started for the people that have no idea what bitcoin is and how it works but if you have (or build) knowledge on those topics, you could generate some extra commissions along the way (e.g coinbase will offer you $10 in bitcoins, if you invite someone that create a bitcoin wallet and spend $100+ to purchase bitcoin).

      My recommendation would be to read both reviews, analyze how it could benefit your business and then decide whether you join none, one or both! :)

      Let us know if you need more details or help. Cheers.
      Tanguy – Incognito007

    • Hello JC,

      It’s nice to see you here, mate!

      Thanks for your feedback, coming from a smart marketer like you, it means a lot… :)

      Maurice was really helpful in providing all details to build this MyPayingAds Review and I am glad to hear that it helps a lot of the readers.

      I’m not sure if you were using that revenue share or not, but if you have some insights or personal experience to share with us, feel free to do so! ;)

      Enjoy your day, and See you soon,
      Tanguy – Incognito007

    • Hi JC,

      As Tanguy said, it’s a real pleasure to see you here to read my review. I’m glad you like it.

      I don’t know if you are registered on MyPyingAds but it would be a pleasure to share with you about it. I know you’re an experienced marketer :) .

      If you have any questions, don’t hesitate.

      Hope to read you,


  13. Having been in a couple of similar programs that were shut down an not knowing the outcome.
    Are you confident the same fate wont happen to Mypayingads?

    • Hi Steve,

      This is not wrong, many programs disappear but MyPayingAds is different. I’ll give you my opinion.

      1 – MyPayingAds is online since March 2015 and the website still works fine, the payments are always on time.

      2 – The owner Uday Nara is really brilliant and serious. According to me, he thought a system for the long term.

      3 – Withdrawals are limited per month ($ 6,000 per member) so there is no big pressure on cash.

      4 – Uday Nara has just launched a new website “MyPayingCryptoAds” as MyPayingAds but entirely in crypto which aims to strengthen and diversify its business.

      These are some things that make me very confident about the future of MyPayingAds.

      If you have any questions, don’t hesitate.


  14. Geat blog! I am new on MPA and i want to understand : when we buy ads, we can espect a 120% in return in about 60 days, right? But what become this ad when the goal is reach? Shut down?? If yes we have to buy packs ads again and again. Is this correct??

    • Hello Papus,

      Thanks for the feedback concerning my blog, it’s appreciated! :)

      Concerning the revenue sharing, as mentioned on the MyPayingAds Review above, the rate will vary depending on the volume of sales the company receives.

      I believe it’s currently around 120% return in 60 days, but obviously, there are no guarantee and it could evolve anytime.

      Otherwise, you are correct. If your adpack reach 120%, it will expire and get removed from your “active” adpacks.
      If you wish to maintain the same amount of adpacks, you will be required to repurchase.

      Ps. Let me know if you need more details about this or if you struggle with the math.
      I will get Maurice to confirm this and get back to you through our comment section, as he has more experience with MPA than I do ;)
      He is currently sick… which is why there is some delay on its follow-up.

      Have a great day,
      Tanguy – Incognito007

    • Hi Papus,

      I confirm the answer provided by Tanguy which is fairly complete. I’ll just supplement it.

      When one of your pack reach the goal (120%), it disables. For this reason, you need to buy pack “again and again” up to reach your number of packs. You can stop to buy new packs when you want and just maintain your level.

      At this moment, you can withdraw money according to your number of packs. On MyPayingAds, you can withdraw up to 16% of your monthly earnings without dropping your number of packs.

      I hope I helped you Papus.

      Feel free to reply if you need more informations.


      • 16% withdrawable to keep your MyPayingAds Account at the same level.

        That’s awesome! Thanks for the clarification, Maurice.
        This should definitely be helpful to some readers who hates to deal with math! ;)

        It’s important to give a reminder, though. If those numbers help to establish an efficient MyPayingAds Strategy, the potential earning are tied to the company sales and unpredictable.

        I believe that the focus should not be on a MyPayingAds Earning Calculator or similar tools, but rather on how to get the most out of your advertising services… doing so, you can generate inside AND outside revenue and it should make your adventure enjoyable! :)

        Tanguy – Incognito007

  15. I’m in mypayingads since 2015, I just love Uday’s honesty !
    MPA is great , Thank you Tanguy bro for notify me about your review through email , This is a great review ,I appreciate you work.
    In the end “Long live uday And MPA”

    • Hello Sagar,

      You are welcome. And all credits go to Maurice Bilioniere for providing all the insights required! :)

      Thanks a lot for your feedback on this MyPayingAds Review, though. It’s appreciated!

      Wow, 2015, you are a pioneer then :) Did you maxed out the earning potential?

      I’m looking forward reading Uday Nara’s replies on the interview, it’s going to be interesting.

      Have a great day, and See you soon,
      Tanguy – Incognito007

    • Hello Zacarias,

      Awesome! Did you join around the MyPayingAds launch date on the 30th March 2015?

      What’s your achievements so far?

      It’s always good to have feedbacks from experienced users! :)

      Tanguy – Incognito007

  16. Truly the best of Business ( by far )
    MAURICE Thank you for bringing me to MPA
    because today I have absolutely NO regret ( it pays well )
    I highly recommend it.

    • Wow, that’s a nice feedback… thanks for stopping by, Bidule! :)

      I’m sure you feel in good hands with Maurice,
      as he seems to have the knowledge and passion required to be a great sponsor and help his team to succeed.

      How long have you been with MyPayingAds?

      I probably do not have as much experience as you do (as I just opened an account for advertising purpose on December 2015),
      but I noticed that the administrator (Uday Nara) is really transparent, process payouts on time and that the MyPayingAds Affiliates seem more than happy… :)

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us!

      Have a great day,
      Tanguy – Incognito007

  17. Hello Maurice,

    Thanks for sharing your insights about MyPayingAds.

    It was great to work with you on this MyPayingAds Review. It’s not hard to notice how passionate you are about it.
    And it seems like you had a great adventure with the program so far… :)

    I’m a member at MPA myself, and I must admit the advertising services are good. And the admin, Uday, has always been really responsive.

    I’m looking forward to reading his insights when the interview got updated with his replies. It’s definitely going to be interesting.

    I’m wishing you a lot of success in the incoming months/years!

    Tanguy – Incognito007

    • Hi Tanguy,

      Thank you for your message.

      I made the choice to present MyPayingAds on your blog because it’s in my opinion one of the best online opportunities for the moment but also because your blog is excellent.

      I’m very happy to publish this review about MyPayingAds on your blog because your work is extraordinary.

      I strongly recommends your services to those who want to advertise or present online opportunities.

      I use your services for a while, I’m never disappointed. Continue is this way.

      I wish you all the best.

      See you soon for the interview,


      • Thank you, Maurice!

        Yes, Uday Nara is obviously quite busy at the moment,
        but he notified me during a Skype conversation that he would be happy to reply to such interview to provide more details about MyPayingAds and its future.

        I will update the MyPayingAds Review with that fresh content as soon as it’s ready! :)

        Have a great day,
        Tanguy – Incognito007

    • Sir,Have a nice day.I am a beginner at ur affiliate marketing.wanna work with u long time.just waiting for ur instruction on my email adress.I want to make money in online through a simple process.plz,help me out.

      • Hello Mostafa,

        If you joined MyPayingAds, Maurice will be able to help you through the process.

        Just share the username you used here in the comment section, and he will check this and contact you! :)

        If you seek for information not related to MPA, you can contact me at sales@howtogetref.com, with your specific questions;
        and I will try to help where I can ;)

        Tanguy – Incognito007

      • Hi Mostafa,

        Than you for your message.

        Have you an account on MyPayingAds ? Because I don’t see you among my referrals.

        If you want to join, what are your questions ?

        It will be a pleasure to read you.



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