Neobux New Feature: Account Security through 2-Step Verification

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Neobux Login 2 StepNeobux is a paid to click program which is online since March 2008. The business had a peaceful growth and it’s now the #1 of the industry in terms of volume.

As you may imagine, their database is huge… and attractive. We have seen with the recent Clixsense leak, that the hackers love to target such websites.

It’s important for them (and you!) to care about the security and enable all the extra layers they can.

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Neobux Enhanced Security: 2-Step Authentication:

Neobux Security 2 Step

Fernando, the owner of Neobux, recently enabled a new method to secure your account. Indeed, 2-Step Authentication is now available.

Should you use it? YES.
At least, if you care about keeping your account, personal data, and money safe.


Neobux Feature: What is 2-Step Authentication?

Neobux Google Authenticator

The 2-Step Verification asks anyone trying to log in into your account to give a six digits password. The password is a temporary one.

You will download an application on your smartphone which displays those temporary codes. Every 30 seconds, the code refresh and update to another one.

This extra security layer is way more powerful than a “second password”. Even if your main login credentials get stolen, the hacker would still need to access your smartphone to redeem the temporary code. And this is virtually impossible to bypass.


Recommended App for 2-Step Authentication:

I suggest you use “Authy” or “Authenticator” from Google. To avoid the struggle to create a new account, I’m using the Google one.

Here is a guide about how to install Google Authenticator on your device.


Important step: make sure to create a backup of your application! You don’t want to be locked out from everywhere if your smartphone happens to die.

Google Authenticator Create Backup

Go to “” and log in with your Google account details. Once logged in, go to the “Backup codes” area, click “Show Codes” and print the codes to store it somewhere safe.

This will allow you to recover the application and details in case of device failure. By doing so, you ensure that you will avoid any Neobux Login Problem.


Neobux 2-Step verification: Installation process:

Neobux Enable Two Step Identification

Now that your application is on your smartphone, and a backup on safe hands; you can enable the 2-Step feature on Neobux.

Once logged in Neobux, go to “Settings > Personal” on the left menu. Then click the “Yes” next to “Use 2-Step Verification” (The “Yes” will be highlighted in green).

Scroll down, enter your primary password on “Password confirmation” and hit “Save changes”.

You will be redirected to the “2-Step Verification Setup“.

Neobux Two Step Identification Setup

Take your smartphone and open the google “Authenticator” app.

Click on the “+” on the top-right menu and scan the QR code Neobux display. Once it’s done, your Authenticator app will display “Neobux” with a 6 digits code right below. Enter that 6 digits code in step 4 from the “2-Step Verification Setup” on Neobux and hit “Save”.

Neobux Two Step Identification Preview

Congratulation. The 2-Step Verification is successfully installed! :)


Neobux 2-Step Authentication: how to log in:

Every time you log in into Neobux, you just have to open the application to grab and enter your temporary code.

It takes you only a few more seconds, which is not a lot to spend to gain security… :)

Note: if you don’t own a smartphone, you can use “Authy” to follow a similar process from your computer.

If you struggle with the installation process or have feedback, tips, or tricks; feel free to share it in the comment section below! :)

Enjoy your day.

Discover more about Neobux, visit our Neobux Review!

4 thoughts on “Neobux New Feature: Account Security through 2-Step Verification”

    • Hello Ali,

      You will probably need to contact the support for such issue.

      Most likely they will request you to prove your identity by forwarding your ID card or passport,
      but there should be a procedure for that :)

      See for example one moderator speaking about it:

      It would be cool if you update here about how things went so that other users have an idea about how quick it is and what’s required.

      Tanguy – Incognito007

  1. I’ve tried so many times to sign-up in NeoBux, but i do not receive any verification code in my email, i tried with many address but no result can anyone help plz ?

    • Hello Youssef,

      Once you submitted your application to join Neobux, the verification email may take a few minutes to land in your inbox (up to 15 minutes).
      And make sure you check the “Spam”.

      Because the “Junk” or “Spam” folder are the typical way email servers deal with what they don’t know, but sometimes, the email can even be blocked right before it reaches the user’s inbox.

      Adding the “” or even better, the “” domain to the list of trusted senders is a good way to proceed if nothing is in the spam folder.
      This action needs to be done in the email’s internet page itself and not in a client (such as outlook) as the clients do not send that information back to the email server.

      If you have a GMAIL, I would recommend using it. The block filters are a bit more flexible.

      Let me know if that helps.

      Have a great day,
      Tanguy – Incognito007


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