9 thoughts on “Okik.me Review – Is Okik Scam or Legit?”

  1. I am not member of Okik. But my friend work there and he said that was some problems 1 month ago , low avg rr, delayed payments, lost money from accounts, but now it’s ok. So Okik it’s a young PTC and It’s always many bugs, problems, higher risks etc….I personally work on 5 Oldest ptc websites and it’s still enougt for me. May be in the future I will joined to Okik.. Nevertheless, thank you for review. Regards, S. Ellington.

    • Hello Sergey,

      Thanks for your input about Okik! It helps to bring some extra information to the Okik Review shared above by Lea :-)

      Over two years track-record is already a lot in the paid-to-click industry.
      But it appears from comments and feedbacks that Okik is still undergoing numerous changes and adjustments which may hurt the registered users (at least at short term). Let’s see how things evolve for them in the next few months/years.

      Which are the five paid-to-click you focus on?

      I guess Neobux, Clixsense, and Scarlet-clicks are among your portfolio? :-)

      Tanguy – Incognito007

      • I don’t remember Okik in 2014 xd) Yes, I work on Gpt, Scarlet, Neo, Clixsense and Familyclix , They are all works more than 3-5 years and It has a good reputation. Regards, Ellington.

    • Hello Surendra,

      Yes – I’m now working with three authors to help me create content. Hopefully, this will help to post regularly (maybe even, daily). And have a place where positive and negative comments about a program are welcomed.

      As I’m not a member on those websites, nor trying to recruit. This makes things less biased, I guess :-)

      Tanguy – Incognito007


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