Payza Down: unable to login? (Temporary issue: Reported on 4 Octobre 2016)

Payza Down

If you tried to access Payza in the last few hours, you may have had a surprise.

The website is currently down and returning the following error:
Error 522 Connection timed out – Website is offline – No cached version of this page is available.

EDIT (after about 10 hours): It seems that is now UP and reachable.

Payza Offline: website down and return a 522 Error:

Payza Downtime

If you perform a Server Status Check, you can see that people are unable to access Payza for quite a few hours.

At the time I’m writing this blog post, Payza has been down for approximately 8 hours.

“Retry for a live version” will not help.

As usual, people started to share their concerns about what happened to Payza, one of the largest online payment processor.

Is Payza a Scam? How can I access my money? When will Payza website work properly?
And the list goes on…

Trouble Logging into Payza


Payza not working: what happened to Payza?

Luckily, it wasn’t long before we got the company to provide an update.

About two hours after the issue started, Payza team reported on their official Payza Facebook fan page that they are “experiencing issues with the website” and that “you may have trouble connecting at this time”.

They let people know that the IT team is aware of the issue and “working hard to fix it”.

Payza Update


Payza maintenance: website unreachable:

From the official communication, it seems that the current problems are related to some server failures. The IT team needs to perform an unscheduled maintenance to get back on track.

At first sight, no Payza hacking or security breaches are involved.
Your money and account should be in safe hands.

Payza Time Frame

So far, they didn’t communicate about an ETA to fix the issue and recommend to “Stay tuned for more updates”. But unofficial communications have been quoting a 24-48 hours time frame for a resolution.

Let’s hope it got resolved as soon as possible because people running a business or having an urgent need to access their funds may be badly affected.

Do you have any information concerning this Payza issue? Let us know below! :)

10 thoughts on “Payza Down: unable to login? (Temporary issue: Reported on 4 Octobre 2016)”

    • Hello Steve,

      You are right. They were already plugging off from “Revenue Shares” and “Paid-To-Click” businesses,
      but I heard they are now suspending some “Traffic Exchanges”… I’m not sure why and how often this happen for this last category, though.

      This said Payza fees are quite high compared to alternatives. Don’t You Agree?

      I’m wondering if the bitcoin-based businesses emerging will not move the focus there on the long term.
      When you see you can send thousands of dollars worldwide for a few cents in fees, this is quite attractive! :)

      Tanguy – Incognito007

  1. i have an account with payza, a few days ago i asked to my bank to made a transfer. I sent them thi BIC, SWIFT etc. Tha bank call me and said : “in what country is Payza?” I search on their site : none! I send a support ticket to payza and they answer they dont know in where country Payza is!!!!!! Strange no??
    Can you tell me where they are??

    • Hello Papus,

      Well, on their footer they are quoting the following information:
      Damaras Limited, reg. 8029472 is a servicing company for MH Pillars Ltd. reg. 6243643, both addresses at Finchley House, 707 High Road, London N12 0BT, UK

      So I guess it’s where the deposits go.

      This said I noticed that when it comes to the withdrawals, they are used to proceed payouts under the company names “Mh Pillars” or “Damaras Limited” through bank accounts from Lithuania. That country is known as a tax heaven, so I guess it’s the reason why.

      If you need specific support, I would recommend using their official facebook page (private message):

      They are used to be really responsive there, replying under few minutes/hours — which is usually more convenient than a ticket for general queries.

      Tanguy – Incognito007


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