27 thoughts on “PlanetClix Review – is PlanetClix Scam or Legit?”

    • Hello Faisal,

      Thanks for reporting this issue. Did you try to send a support ticket to know what’s going on with your withdrawal request?

      I’m seeing on their “Payment Proof” page that they claim to have paid recently… though, this could be fake.

      Let me know if you get more information or follow-up about this! :-)

      Tanguy – Incognito007

  1. Fake site not paying I only making peoples fool they also make me fool and get my money they all are cheaters I will report about his both site and try to band his sites for always

    • Hello Mohdzaker,

      Thanks for your comment and feedback. Could you share with more details what happened exactly?

      Are you not being paid? Did you try to contact them while being ignored?

      I’m not a member there, but I see some public payment proof through Payza/Perfect Money on their page. Is it fake? :-)

      Thanks for the report! And all the best,
      Tanguy – Incognito007

  2. Hello admin
    When i try to cashout from planetclix it say…
    ‘ To enable a Cashout Butom, need at least one unique deposit. help me

    • Hello Ram,

      As you may have seen in comments above, or on other forums, there are quite a few complaints about it.

      Here is the explanation provided by the owner on its forum:

      All this situation has complicated because PayPal doesn’t allow to use PTC sites to receive investments and send payments. As you should know, a member when investing through a payment processor can only request payment through the same processor where invested. It turns out that many members have funded through PayPal and now it is very complicated to send these payments to members who have spent through PayPal. Several disputes were opened, our account has turned negative, and to send these payments to the PayPal investors, we need to pay from our pocket. We would like all members to understand our situation and do not consider our sites (DimondClix & PlanetClix) as a scam. We’re trying every way to rectify the situation (and as we already said ”it was not our fault ”.) Currently, our two sites are having a difficult time, but we do not give up! And we guarantee that we will not become a scam! Now, we are making instant payments, and for those members who have pending payments, please cancel these requests, keep clicking, wait a few days, and demand payment again.

      We know that several sites are considering our sites as a scam.
      It is understandable, but please read our explanations and try to understand our side, and that in fact, we are not scammers.

      It sounds like you need to make at least one deposit, to request a withdrawal to another payment processor.
      But, I recommend you to have a look at other people experience and take your decision.

      The website seem to be undergoing difficulties, and there are no guarantee you would get paid after deposit, or that it will last on the long-term.

      Tanguy – Incognito007

    • Hello Emanuel,

      Did you receive withdrawals recently? Any delay involved?

      It could be interesting facts to know, as some people seem to face difficulties :-)

      Thanks and congratulation for your earning.

      All the best,
      Tanguy – Incognito007

  3. Planetclix is very big scam it is full of scammers i have made withdrawl 1 year ago i have not got my payment and when i made second time withdrawl it says make a unique deposit i have made 3 to 4 tomes deposit but i have not got my payment

    • Hello Sanjay,

      Thanks for sharing your experience! :)

      While there are a few positive comments now and then,
      it looks like a lot of people are getting upset and struggle to receive a withdrawal.

      I would say to the newcomers: caution, enter at your own risk.

      I hope you did not loose too much there, and that you manage to recoup your loss elsewhere.

      All the best, and Enjoy your day,
      Tanguy – Incognito007

      • hi so planet clix and dimondclix are don’t pay anymore because they are out of trésorery maybe you will recieve your money in the future if you let the demande in pending action , maybe they are not a scammers in my case i made a déposit on dimondclix and when i treid to withdraw the money i stocked in pending action

        • Hello Abderrazak,

          Thanks for sharing your thoughts! :)

          I saw today they were doing huge discounts… this along with all the negatives feedbacks I read here in comments;
          Look like some financial issues are going on.

          Be cautious,
          Tanguy – Incognito007

  4. This site is 100% scam. I explain why I think so: On December 25th. 2016 I joined this site. On 20 ian.2017 I asked first payment of $ 3.03 through Payza .and waited until 22 febr.2017 when told to cancel all payments that were applied to until 04 febr.2017 and shall return the canceled amount in balance .. When we arrived at the amount of $ 9.80, I requested back pay to which responds with a confused phrase “You must have a single account” without further comment. The same thing complain and other members of the site on Forum , Admin.schimband rule during the game. My conclusion that it is great SCAM and not answer support tickets saying that they have too many tickets and do not have time to respond at all.
    All the best!

    • Hello Alistar,

      Thanks for your feedback! By the law of numbers, looking at the comment above… something fishy is happening on PlanetClix it seems.

      And I saw an announcement about huge promotions available there. Probably their finance ain’t going as good as they expected.

      Be careful.

      Tanguy – Incognito007

  5. I read the great charlatans administrator. It is true what you say about PayPal. But with Payza and Perfect Money has no problems. And if they not have problems, why put members to cancel payments on these two methods of payment and payment request again? Why not complied FAQs Terms Of Service members from registration?

  6. They have ban my account after 1 month.

    I have a support ticket regarding why they keep returning back my cash out. They were asking for a deposit. Then after 1 month talking with their support, I suddenly got banned. So there is only one thing to think about this. It is purely scamming people who does not have any power. There is nothing I can do but post here and tell people that DimondClix and PlanetClix are Scams.

    • Thanks for sharing your experience, Doroughty! :)

      While I’m looking at the comments on this review,
      it looks like some shady things are happening over there… Good luck.

      Tanguy – Incognito007

  7. I maintain my opinion expressed above about Planet Clix. I in babanta request payment of $ 10.0592 and if he responds with the following phrase:
    To enable the Cashout Butom, Need at Least One is Unique Deposit.

  8. Thanks for reporting this issue. Did you try to send a support ticket to know what’s going on with your withdrawal request?

  9. I sent several support tickets and unresponsive, so remain still to believe that this site is SCAM 100% and an Admin. irresponsible and frivolous!

  10. I think sincerely that PlanetClix and Dimondclix are nothing than scams. Their admin is a ”vulgaire” scammer. He never answer requests. I do the work everyday but the number of my referrals decreases day after day with no reason.
    Don’t waste anymore your time with these scams.

  11. I Do not waste your time with THESE scam!
    I retired definitively on this site! Dust to be easy!
    There you eat hell!

    • Hello Alistar,

      Thanks for sharing your experience and thoughts about those sites, looking at a number of negative comments it indeed sounds like something fishy is happening there.

      Tanguy – Incognito007

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