Probux Scam: Gustavo did it again, sorry for your loss!

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Probux Scam

I’m used to blog solely about the Paid-To-Click sites I use.
Why? Because I’m convinced the best way to share accurate insights about statistics and potential earnings is to be a member!

But today, I will break that rule!
Let’s speak about one of the biggest scammer of the industry:
Mister Gustavo Gil Peron
(teamed up with Alexandre Pereira Prazers).

He deserves an award the first place on our (virtual) wall of shame!
Indeed, he is the only owner who managed to rank, in a few years, at least five sites to the TOP 1000 most visited sites worldwide… (Source:
Until he decided to close it down and run away with your money!


If you don’t know him yet, you surely want to read this…
because sooner or later he will be back!

Probux View Ads: tons of ads, should you be happy about it?

If you have an account at Probux, you may have noticed that there is currently a lot of advertisements to be clicked (80+ at the time I’m writing this topic!).
Should you be happy about it? Not at all!

Probux is having large numbers of advertisements because most of the members noticed they can’t (and won’t be able to) cash out which is why they are converting their main balances into ads.

To be honest, considering the fact that Probux Ads don’t even have a captcha protection, I’m guessing that currently the biggest part of “clickers” are Probux auto clicker (macros or other cheats). If I were you, I would not even bother to click those ads.

The time has come to convert your remaining balances and leave it.
Here is why…

Probux Scam: another Huge PTC gone Scam:

Since I opened the blog that you’re reading right now,
I must admit I got some attention to my list of best Paid-To-Click sites.

Guess what was the #1 ask I was receiving through my email or Skype?
I won’t let the suspense last, it was: Why are you not member in Probux, Fusebux and Zapbux?

My reply was pretty simple: next to the fact their earning schemes are 100% unstable, those three sites are run by Gustavo Gil Peron, a big scammer.

The same guy that opened and scammed with Upbux and Onbux a few years ago.

PTC-investigation did a great job collecting some proofs about this. But still, a lot ignored the obvious facts:

  • Same Modified Script.
  • Same Location.
  • Registered company (most likely bogus and used to lure in people).
  • Former Onbux mod showing up again in PTC industry before Probux launch.
  • Same fixed fake ads “eToro, BinaryOptions, etc…”.
  • And same shipping address!

Fusebux Scam






Probux News: saving time to avoid disputes:

What happened in Probux? Since several weeks, Probux is not paying.

Since they are smart and aware that you can’t dispute a purchased item once a 45 days grace period is over – they are coming up with random excuses to save time:

Payments only available at server reset, then totally off for “maintenance” during weeks (changing the date of a hypothetical release) and the Probux forum is now down for a small “48h maintenance” (which last since weeks. It will probably never be back!).

Of course the same is happening on Fusebux and Zapbux (forums are up, but you are unable to post something there).

If you invested there, my advice is to open a dispute right now!

Once most of the people are out of the dispute timeframe, Probux website will be down forever.

(Psst. for bloggers, keywords such as probux scam, probux not paying, probux down, probux not loading or probux offline may get high search volume in Google asap!)


Bottom line:

Good luck to all those who were affected by those events!
I hope next time you will take into consideration warnings and huge red flags before joining (and investing) in any online earning opportunity.


Keep your eyes open, because they will be back!
Ps. If you had a Probux account, got some experiences or feelings to share – let me know in comments! :)

Ps. your activity may be rewarded through our contest (Learn More).

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Probux (Gustavo Gil Peron),
Telephone No.N/A
Probux is a Paid-To-Click launched by Gustavo Gil Peron. The owner launched and close several websites over the last few years.

449 thoughts on “Probux Scam: Gustavo did it again, sorry for your loss!”

  1. hi same here with probux had over $10.00 now cant log in say invalid user name and password
    i am with neobux and clicksence both good paying sites

    • Hello Jen,

      Yes. Probux is out of the game since a while.
      Sorry for your loss, and nice to hear you are doing great on Neobux/Clixsense!

      Happy earning, have a great day,
      Tanguy – Incognito007

    • I was a devoted member of Probux since they began. I accumulated over 300 referrals and had a $20 cash balance. Never once did I ever request a cash-out. Now my account has suddenly disappeared. I wrote 2 emails to Probux support but received NO reply. They have ripped off everyone and become a total scam! I hope the admin chokes on his on vomit. Gustavo bites. I intend to make life as miserable as I can for the jerks responsible.

      • Hello Bruce,
        I understand you, it’s always really annoying when such things happen!

        It’s great to build up an account over time,
        but when it comes to earning money online on similar program,
        I would definitely recommend to never keep “sleeping money” in your account.
        Rather be safe than sorry.

        Hope you will manage to win back this and way more through other opportunities.

        All the best and Have a great day,
        Tanguy – Incognito007

    • NeoBux are criminals too. Cash out before it’s too late.
      Clixsense is the best PTC but now they can’t pay with PayPal and that will affect their entire operation.

  2. i just lost over 23$ from probux. while logging it says incorrect username and password.
    was with neobux and clixsense earlier but never suffered any such loss or felt cheated .
    this is just a ridiculous thing u can ever expect from a ptc site .
    GUSTAVO GIL PERON why dont u just scratch the balls of all the members u can earn more than u did by cheating them .

      • i didn’t login in it since april… but before that it was working fine.. as i got my 10$ … through paypal… dont know what happened after that

        • Hello Satyam,
          They were indeed paying at start – they always do so.
          But seeing their history, I would definitely avoid joining their next website.
          Unless your strategy is “hit & run” and that you don’t refer people in it… :)

          Good luck & Thanks for sharing your experience with the website!

          All the best, have a great day,
          Tanguy – Incognito007

    • Same thing happens to me, as I already told here my views about Probux(Top Scammer.
      Also I lost 40$ along with my hard earning. But it’s too good that I never invest here. So it’s their newest policy to shut down this website as all of us getting error messages.

      • Hello Nirman,

        Yes. It looks like everyone is getting those “errors”.
        Sorry for your loss, I hope you will compensate that with awesome success on other spots ASAP! :)

        All the best & Have a great day,
        Tanguy – Incognito007

  3. Well, u all must think i am such an idiot, because i lost 40$ thanks to Probux. Thank a God i am earning on better PTC sites so i compensated my loss. There was something odd about Probux since July 2014 when they shut down Paypal service for mainetance and it get worse and worse since that time and i don’t believe it will get better anymore. I hope that anybody won’t be screwed by this scam provider.

    • Hello Diego,

      I believe it happened to everyone to make bad choice and loose some money on a bad program! ;)
      It’s great to hear you are earning well and compensating your loss elsewhere! :)


      And thanks for sharing your experience with us.

      Have a great day,
      Tanguy – Incognito007

    • Hello Nandhini,
      Sorry to hear that. Looks like lot of members are facing this login issue.
      As scheduled, they are not paying anymore and keep scamming people…

      Hope you will recover your loss elsewhere ASAP.

      All the best,
      Tanguy – Incognito007

  4. ya same here . they got me for atleast 23 dls those suckers . but the hell with them, clixsense is a PAYING and pays me .good site

  5. Same thing here…after they was “doing the site better” I can’t log in..shite site..the referrals what I rented as well was bad as well :( I like ptcstair better, rented 200 referrals for $12 and they are ALL clicking giving approx $1.5 each day. They payout to :) Nice blog btw,keep up the good work.

  6. Same issue here …Suddenly that site was down and displayed under maintenance to make it more Better. Once the site is up your account does not exist….

    Wasted my time on it.
    Everyone should know it . I would not believe such kind of sites anymore.

    • Hello Bujji,

      It makes a while I’m warning about it now,
      even though there was some “Brobux” addict who were hating that…
      But know it’s pretty obvious Probux is definitely over.

      Thanks for sharing your experience and helping people to know about it!

      All the best & Have a great day,
      Tanguy – Incognito007

    • Hello George,

      Emoneyspace was owned by William Jackson aka “NorthOwl”, the owner of Incentria and Clicksia.
      He ran those sites for six years, so I guess he tried hard to make it work.

      The reason given for the closure was a lack of interest for the websites
      while health issues was preventing him to focus on it.

      Not sure how valid are those reasons as I don’t know him well… :)

      Though what I can say is that when I sent him messages about my advertising loss due to his sites closure,
      he was fair enough to reply and gave me a compensation of $100
      (even though it was lower than my loss, nothing was forcing him to do so as I was out of dispute).

      I guess the forum closed for the same reason.
      But I don’t understand why he didn’t sold it… :)

      If someone have more information about that,
      I would be pleased to hear it!

      Edit: emoneyspace is back! =)

      Have a great day,
      Tanguy – Incognito007

  7. Didnt invested money on Probux, but when a site shows good profits from adds and rented affiliates, its very suspicious. However they paid me 2 times until they went “scam”. Its to avoid now.
    Other to avoid is Ojooo, didnt invested too, very bad rentals, that almost never clicked. They only paid once. Avoid that site too.

    • Hello Tom,

      Thanks for sharing your experience.
      And yes, I would definitely avoid Ojooo! Next to the issue you quoted, lot of people are waiting their payments since months.
      Looks like they are doing selective payments since a while now…!

      Have a great day & See you soon,
      Tanguy – Incognito007

  8. I tried to log in to my ProBux account and it said invalid login. Literally tried 3 times and even when I tried ‘forgot password/username’ the page crashed. Reading the warnings online is necessary. Will discontinue those other sites mentioned.

    Thanks for heads up.

    • Hello,
      Yes. It looks like pretty much everyone is facing that “error”.

      It’s definitely a great idea to make few online research when you plan to join a program,
      sometimes you may discover information which helps in taking wise decisions :)

      All the best and have a great day,
      Tanguy – Incognito007

    • Hello Kesavan,

      Thanks for report.
      Seems to confirm the remaining doubts: everyone is having those troubles.

      I guess it’s not a bad things though, should be faster for people to understand this site is game-over.
      It was quite weird to see lot of people weren’t aware of it yet, while it makes MONTHS now that they are not paying a penny.

      Wishing you all the best in your money making endeavors!

      Have a great end of weekend,
      Tanguy – Incognito007

  9. Hi,
    I have over $10 in probux and from last few days it is showing incorrect username or password every time i try to loggin. I think i lost my money as well as i have wasted my time.
    Stupid people. should not promise if you can’t keep it.

    • Hello Ronnie,

      Yeah. They are always doing false promises and scamming people.
      Sorry for your loss… Hope you will be doing great ASAP elsewhere.

      Have a great day,
      Tanguy – Incognito007

  10. Yeah i had also account on probux until august this year when i quit clicking since i tried 1 full month to withdraw my money. However i didnt invested anything in that PTC (or other) since i dnt trust enough in this kind of thing in order to spend money. So i only clicked my ads and bought RR and managed to get 70 USD on my paypal account until turned into scam :)

    • Hello Thirupathi,

      Sound like it’s an issue everyone is currently facing…
      Probux show his true colors. I’m afraid you won’t be able to login.
      And even if you do, it will be a waste of your time as they are not paying anymore.

      Sorry for your loss. Hope you will do some great cash elsewhere to compensate that ASAP.

      Have a great day,
      Tanguy – Incognito007

  11. Same here with probux had over $250.00 now cant log in say invalid user name and password.
    I’ve lost my 150$ investment. Probux is a stupid shit.

    • Hello SIDragon,
      Thanks for sharing your experience.

      Sorry to hear you lost such amounts.
      Hope you will manage to yield significant profit ASAP to cover that elsewhere! :)

      Have a great day,
      Tanguy – Incognito007

    • If you invested by Paypal… I would raise a dispute.. Just state you know its a fraudulent site… Because their Paypal has been disabled they are unable to dispute your claim so will rule in your favour after 10-15 days… Even if they don’t its worth a shot trying to get your money back… I managed to get some back which I invested 4 months previous to claiming….

      Normally Paypal refund you from their own funds… And then they chase the account holder separately…

      Good Luck

      • Hello Checky,
        Four months old really? I though the maximum limit was 45 days… Did that changed already? :)

        But yes, if people are still in dispute timeframe – it definitely worth a try.

        All the best,
        Tanguy – Incognito007

        • The funds were reversed to me on the 25th of October, I made the payments on 10th July & 17th of July… So about 3 and a half months… Still a long time though….

          It may have been because it was within 120 days of the original transaction…. I have just spotted another deposit from May… So I’m going to see if I can get that one refunded as well

          • Hello Checky,
            That’s great! You lucky. I guess they changed things recently.

            I had give a try on 21 September for my 45+ days old transactions (advertising purchase)
            and it was closed automatically by system. But I guess had that time, few had already made report about the scam to Paypal :)

            Good luck with your last transaction then, I hope you will manage to get that refunded as well.

            All the best,
            Tanguy – Incognito007

          • It went through the process of raising a claim in relation to the payment from May.. However isn’t showing in my open disputes… Will keep you updated

    • Hello Deepak,
      Kayads is using the same script, the same Terms/FAQ, similar self-sponsored trading ads and forum pitches…
      I would definitely stay away… :)

      All the best,
      Tanguy – Incognito007

  12. Probux is a scam. I had earned 7 dollars but whenever tried to cash out same message kept on coming saying that daily limit has been exceeded. Then suddenly I could not login and my account was gone.Stay away from this site.

    • Thanks for sharing your experience with us Ejaz.

      Sorry to hear that, I really hope you will find some great earning opportunities ASAP,
      to cover your loss.

      All the best and have a great day,
      Tanguy – Incognito007

      • been a while since i been on here checked out other sites admimsy is a bad site i had $15.00 cashedout when i went in to see if ive been payed money was back in admimsy but only $9.06 was in their not sure wat happened to rest sent support ticket will have to wait unto they repliy will let u no wat happens

  13. I was quite satisfied with probux and could cash out 3 times earlier. In March 2014, all 11 referrals stopped clicking at the same time for 2 months, when I posted in probux forum, they started clicking. As we can suspect, how all the 11 referrals who were clicking everyday can stop clicking at the same time.

    By July I earned more than $10 and tried to cash out a few times, but I couldn’t. At last I donated my earnings for the webmaster’s treatment when he will be admitted in ICU in future. Because he deserves a bad result for his bad action.

    • Hello,
      Great to hear you were able to cashout few times before the crash.

      And yes, most of Paid-To-Click are using bots…
      That’s why I prefer to focus on direct referrals ;)

      Looks like they are back for another scam party with Kayads.
      Let’s see how many will join this time!

      All the best and Have a great day.
      Tanguy – Incognito007

    • Hello Vik,
      Thanks for sharing your experience.

      And you are right, Probux is definitely game-over.
      Sorry to hear you were unable to redeem your five dollars.

      Hope you will do great earnings somewhere else.

      All the best & Have a great day,
      Tanguy – Incognito007

    • Hello Bhavesh,
      Thanks for sharing your experience! Looks like everyone having some money ready to cashout end up with the same issue there.
      Rather not waste time anymore with Probux, they are obviously game-over.

      Sorry to hear you loss money, I hope you will recover that somewhere else asap! :)

      Have a great day & All the best!
      Tanguy – Incognito007

  14. yeah.. thanks for that info..
    actually i have got my money and time for building my probux account.. and now that probux is down.. -_-
    so, thanks for your information :)
    youre really kind person

    (sorry got bad english)

    • Hello Parvej,
      You are welcome. Glad if my post helped you to find out earlier the true facts about Probux.
      It’s sad to hear you wasted lot of time there. Hope you will manage to earn great on your other opportunities :)

      All the best,
      Tanguy – Incognito007

  15. Probux is SCAM! Now site has gone somewhere. Probux never paid for me 5$ which I had earned. Luckily I did not deposit funds to Probux.

  16. Good news that domain is finally down. You can no longer Google Probux. And the first result that pops up instead, is this blog. Thumbs up!

    • Hello MFDK,
      Yes. I noticed this through Google Webmaster. Looks like my SEO tool ain’t working bad.
      It’s great that people are finding out directly the background of Gustavo…
      I hope it helped some people to leave it earlier! ;)

      Have a great day,
      Tanguy – Incognito007

  17. i already had 4.8$ in my account,i tried to log in again and they say account not available and i cant have my hard earned money anymore if i saw this guy i will kill him.

  18. I forget when I used to used Probux but it was the first PTC site that I ever signed up for back in the summer of either 2012 or 13.

    Took me 4-6 months to finally earn up enough to make a cash out and once I did my account was cancelled without any explaination and I never recieved a penny from them.

    • Hello AKA,
      Damn… that’s a bunch of money sent to trash.. Sorry to hear that.

      Hope you will manage to recover and collect some awesome earnings through other online opportunities! :)

      All the best,
      Tanguy – Incognito007

  19. hi was a member of paid to click i log in every day they have new owners i cant log in any more sent 2tickets to find out why no answers so looked in the forum they say they have delete accounts that had not been used for 7 days and unveirfied i log on every day and now i lost over $4.50 and there is probley more not sure whether to rejoin or not

  20. Hello! May I ask if and is the same?

    I’ve been a member of but, sadly, it went scam.


    • It doesn’t look like they are the same;
      but using identical name with a scam doesn’t look like very smart at first sight… :)

      All the best, and Have a great day,
      Tanguy – Incognito007

    • I’m not promoting it nor willing to waste my time speaking about it while it’s under SEC investigation.

      It’s their job and we will see how it goes.
      I had just repurchased for $14,000 advertising service a few days back, so I’m already enough pissed off to see this happening.

      Enjoy your day,
      Tanguy – Incognito007

  21. Hello. This is the first time I see this site. I came here looking for information about Probux. It seems, most PTCs are having a very hard time this days as many new ones joined the market and several old ones are already out of it.
    This week I noticed that PayPal is blocking accounts for PTC Sites and this added to scam sites like Ojooo and NeoBux assure me that it’s time to stop wating hours trying to get some coins and use those hours to enjoy life.
    Thanks for the info. Have an excellent day :)

    • Hello Leonardo,

      Do you mean It seems offline right now, but I did not follow or review that one.
      The review above was about which was online a few years ago (3rd largest paid-to-click back then probably).

      I’m not sure how Ojoo is behaving nowadays, but they were only paying selectively at best since months already. Most likely a waste of time unless you get lucky.

      As for Neobux, why are you calling them criminals?
      I’m personally not using it, nor enjoying the “bux” model (with rented referrals), but as far as I know they are paying earned amount instantly and smoothly? :-)

      Ps. If you want stable earning online, the best way is to start your own business I believe. Either sell your services or products or find affiliates that you can leverage.
      Of course, this require work, and it’s a long-term effort but it can pay well and for a lifetime when done properly.

      Enjoy your day.

      Tanguy – Incognito007

  22. I believe it happened to everyone to make bad choice and loose some money on a bad program! ;)
    It’s great to hear you are earning well and compensating your loss elsewhere! :)

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