Probux Scam: Gustavo did it again, sorry for your loss!

Probux Scam

I’m used to blog solely about the Paid-To-Click sites I use.
Why? Because I’m convinced the best way to share accurate insights about statistics and potential earnings is to be a member!

But today, I will break that rule!
Let’s speak about one of the biggest scammer of the industry:
Mister Gustavo Gil Peron
(teamed up with Alexandre Pereira Prazers).

He deserves an award the first place on our (virtual) wall of shame!
Indeed, he is the only owner who managed to rank, in a few years, at least five sites to the TOP 1000 most visited sites worldwide… (Source:
Until he decided to close it down and run away with your money!


If you don’t know him yet, you surely want to read this…
because sooner or later he will be back!

Probux View Ads: tons of ads, should you be happy about it?

If you have an account at Probux, you may have noticed that there is currently a lot of advertisements to be clicked (80+ at the time I’m writing this topic!).
Should you be happy about it? Not at all!

Probux is having large numbers of advertisements because most of the members noticed they can’t (and won’t be able to) cash out which is why they are converting their main balances into ads.

To be honest, considering the fact that Probux Ads don’t even have a captcha protection, I’m guessing that currently the biggest part of “clickers” are Probux auto clicker (macros or other cheats). If I were you, I would not even bother to click those ads.

The time has come to convert your remaining balances and leave it.
Here is why…

Probux Scam: another Huge PTC gone Scam:

Since I opened the blog that you’re reading right now,
I must admit I got some attention to my list of best Paid-To-Click sites.

Guess what was the #1 ask I was receiving through my email or Skype?
I won’t let the suspense last, it was: Why are you not member in Probux, Fusebux and Zapbux?

My reply was pretty simple: next to the fact their earning schemes are 100% unstable, those three sites are run by Gustavo Gil Peron, a big scammer.

The same guy that opened and scammed with Upbux and Onbux a few years ago.

PTC-investigation did a great job collecting some proofs about this. But still, a lot ignored the obvious facts:

  • Same Modified Script.
  • Same Location.
  • Registered company (most likely bogus and used to lure in people).
  • Former Onbux mod showing up again in PTC industry before Probux launch.
  • Same fixed fake ads “eToro, BinaryOptions, etc…”.
  • And same shipping address!

Fusebux Scam






Probux News: saving time to avoid disputes:

What happened in Probux? Since several weeks, Probux is not paying.

Since they are smart and aware that you can’t dispute a purchased item once a 45 days grace period is over – they are coming up with random excuses to save time:

Payments only available at server reset, then totally off for “maintenance” during weeks (changing the date of a hypothetical release) and the Probux forum is now down for a small “48h maintenance” (which last since weeks. It will probably never be back!).

Of course the same is happening on Fusebux and Zapbux (forums are up, but you are unable to post something there).

If you invested there, my advice is to open a dispute right now!

Once most of the people are out of the dispute timeframe, Probux website will be down forever.

(Psst. for bloggers, keywords such as probux scam, probux not paying, probux down, probux not loading or probux offline may get high search volume in Google asap!)


Bottom line:

Good luck to all those who were affected by those events!
I hope next time you will take into consideration warnings and huge red flags before joining (and investing) in any online earning opportunity.


Keep your eyes open, because they will be back!
Ps. If you had a Probux account, got some experiences or feelings to share – let me know in comments! :)

Ps. your activity may be rewarded through our contest (Learn More).

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PTC Glossary - best Paid To Click

Paid-To-Click, Get Paid To
Service Type
Paid-To-Click, Get Paid To
Provider Name
Probux (Gustavo Gil Peron),
Telephone No.N/A
Probux is a Paid-To-Click launched by Gustavo Gil Peron. The owner launched and close several websites over the last few years.

449 thoughts on “Probux Scam: Gustavo did it again, sorry for your loss!”

  1. probux fake hai dosto.. espiye paise mt lago aur esmein kaam mtt kro .. sale chor hai harnmi..mere 350$ le kar baag gyeee kamine .. enka satyannash ho .. alvida dosto .. apne paise bacho ..

    • Hello Amit,
      Thanks for sharing your experience with us.

      It should definitely be an eyes-opener for those who are still doubting whether it’s a scam or not! :)

      All the best,
      Tanguy – Incognito007

  2. probux is fake .. Don’t waste your time and money on this nonsense website.. I lost my 180$ in my account.. MY rented referral is 2000.. its all fake . its all bullshit.. Probuz sucks..

    • Hello Rajesh,
      Thanks for sharing your experience with Probux! :)
      Sad to hear you loss money and time in there.

      I hope you will manage to recover that somewhere else ASAP.

      All the best,
      Tanguy – Incognito007

  3. I had about 20$ to payout, I invest in probux 15$ few months ago and have about 100 rented refferals and little bit over 20$ available to payout, and than admin is escaped with our money, I tryed to payout several times, and allways get refused

    • Hello MEHEMED,
      Thanks for sharing your experience in there.
      It will definitely help people wondering about Probux to get convinced that it’s a scam (yes, there is still a bunch of people hoping it’s not… amazing but true!).

      Wishing you all the best with your other online opportunities.

      Have a great day,
      Tanguy – Incognito007

  4. Hey can u help me up…..
    Actually right now i am working with bubblews and buxinc, so i want to know that both site is paying or a scam????

  5. Hi PTC- frends,
    I am member of Probux more then 2 yars. I had 200 rr, wich are working good a long time, but 2 mounts ago they stop at once. I go on till loos all my rr deu to unactivity , but I don,t stop clicking end reach 5 $ and at once Probux disapear.
    SCAM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. ja mam na probux prawie 400 dolarow a teraz nie mog na niego wejsc i co poszly sie jednem slowem jeba…. i jeszcze mialam golden

    • Hello Fayyazpatni,
      Sorry to hear that!
      Look like you picked the wrong website to do so + had a bad timing… :(

      Hope you will find a way to recover that loss somewhere else ASAP.
      Let me know how things are going.

      My best wishes follow you.
      Tanguy – Incognito007

      • Hello! Questioned in Probux, when I made a request for withdrawal of the amount available , I submitted the wrong number smetkata.Zamislih to be doubted , but I did not stop working with tyah.Pri at slightest doubt should be informed and to be alert for wrong behavior of sayt.Vashata support me happy ! Victories friends!
        Yours Desislava

    • Hello Yasir,
      Sad to hear about your loss there.
      But it’s nice to hear you played smart and had some backup plans! :)

      Hope you will do great with your other online activities.

      All the best,
      Tanguy – Incognito007


    • Hello John,
      Thanks for sharing your feelings in there! :)

      Probux is online again, but it don’t matter – it’s going online/offline but in each case they are NOT paying and there to stole people money.

      So yeah, it’s time to move away.

      All the best,
      Tanguy – Incognito007

    • Hello Amali,
      At least you didn’t wasted too much time in there! :)

      Concerning advices, it would be:
      1) To make some research online before joining any program.
      2) To spread your efforts towards 4-5 sites to lower your risk.
      3) To request withdrawals regularly to be sure collect what you deserve.
      4) Don’t rent referrals if you are not upgraded (and can’t afford to do so).
      5) Get direct referrals if you can, through free or paid methods.

      If needed you can find the list of websites I’m using at

      Let me know how it is going!

      Have a great day,
      Tanguy – Incognito007

      • Tanguy: why you don’t recomend to rent referrals if you are not upgraded? I don’t remember where but somewhere else I read that it’s better to upgrade when you have 200 referrals and I found that it’s easier for me to rent them because I’m not comfortable inviting people if I’m not sure it really works

        • Hello Karis,
          If it’s for test purpose, I see no issue in doing so.
          I was not recommending it because in most of the sites I know,
          earning for standard members are as low as 30% or 50% which make it hard to earn a net margin! :)

          Have a great day,
          Tanguy – Incognito007

  8. Alas!

    I purchased golden membership last month and i rented 700 refferals now i had $80 and i have lost my all money and time . I worked for 2 years with probux but i never got a penny. ALAS! ALAS! ALAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Hello Faiyaz,
      That’s a really bad news… Sorry to hear that!

      If I were you, I would be sure to do some research online before joining a new program – and never ever plan things on such long term. Rather make a few cashouts on monthly basis to be sure to enjoy things whatever happen :)

      Hope you will recover your loss somewhere else ASAP.
      Let me know how things are going.

      Tanguy – Incognito007

    • Hello Yoga,
      It depends what you mean by sharing! ;)

      If you mean spreading the link with your friends on social media, forums,… or your blog, you are more than welcome to do so.

      If you mean copy-pasting 100% of the content to your own blog, I would not recommend you to do so. The reason being that Google will punish you for having such act and it would affect your ranking and bring nothing more than negative effect on your blog/business.

      You can use it as basis to build your own version, but if I were you I would make sure the output remain Copyscape friendly.

      Ps. if you are searching for great keywords to generate traffic to your blog,
      Jaaxy is definitely something you should dig into.

      All the best!
      Let me know how your blog is doing! :)

      Tanguy – Incognito007

  9. Hello friends! Greetings from Bulgaria!
    Hey Probux.Imah dangerous are those doubts, but here they are potvardiha.Sumata accumulated in them, not much, but it hurts-time embedded vazduh.Kato I made the conclusion after your opinions, how many are still deceived and just how much is it?! They will appear, I’m sure, but we must be vigilant!
       Credit: Desislava, Bulgaria

    • Hello Desislava,
      That’s for sure. They had such deceptive acts… and they will be back.
      Let’s hope people won’t put trust in their programs next time! :)

      Have a great day.
      Tanguy – Incognito007

  10. hey…Even I lost around $1 in probux (I joined 1 month ago) ….I’m not sad because $1 dollar isn’t that huge amount rather I felt disappointed being fooled by these con and wasted my “CRUCIAL TIME AND ENERGY”.

    OK whatever happened I cannot change. However I would like to know whether there are more sites like these as I’m quite afraid other PTC sites might do the same.

    • Hello Deepanshu,
      Nice to hear you didn’t lost too much bucks in there.
      But yeah, as you said it’s always annoying as you spent time on it… :)

      Sadly, there is LOT of PTC sites scamming.
      Would be quite an endless list if you had to quote them all ;)

      You can find here the sites I’m personally using and loving. Though there is never guarantee about the future. My suggestion is to join at least 4-5 sites to be sure your effort allow you to collect decent earning whatever happen.

      All the best,
      Let me know how things goes! :)

      Tanguy – Incognito007

  11. Hi,
    I,m also a member of Probux and got $18+
    and 12 rented referrals.
    I didnt expect the fact that it,s a scammer but
    i must admit,i,m not always doing research before joining:(
    I like this blog a lot and wish you all the best.

    • Hello Define,
      Thanks for your nice words – appreciated! :)

      I was doing same mistake when I started PTC four years ago.
      But really 5 minutes research can save you time and money,
      it worth it! :)

      Hope you will be more successful with your other online activities.

      Let me know how great you are doing!
      Tanguy – Incognito007

    • Hello Lia,
      That’s an hard prayer! ;)

      But I fully understand your disappointment.
      How was your experience in there? Hope you didn’t lost too much…

      All the best,
      Tanguy – Incognito007

    • Hello Yuval,
      Sad to hear that.

      Hope you will manage to recoup your loss elsewhere.
      Be sure to investigate a bit about the opportunity you plan to join next time! :)

      All the best mate,
      Tanguy – Incognito007

    • Hi,
      I made good money with probux. And I was able to withdraw my initial investment and some extra from fuse and zap before the closing of them. I believe the only safe way to win with these sites is to withdraw often and never upgrade and never buy more than 200 rented refs. You will be able to make back the 20 bucks or so and then gain profit shortly after. When the site finally closes you wont be disappointed to much.

      • Hello Jeff,
        Yes, you are right!
        “Early Birds” are used to get their money back + profit :)

        The reasons why I never join such sites -even if there is some earning potential by joining from day 1- are that 1) I don’t want to support such guys, 2) I’m used to work mainly with direct referrals and would not feel great if I had to refer people in a proved future scam! ;)

        Great to hear you collected some extra cash though.
        All the best,
        Tanguy – Incognito007

    • How did I not see this one coming ? I had over $ 300 I could have cashed out at any time but did not do it.. I was saving for my yearly update… I was making about $ 60 per week through this site ( profit ). I had all the confidence in this site… At this point I give up on all ptc sites… I feel other than Clixsense and NeoBux they are all scams…. The problem with either of those are getting referrals .. I quit

    • Hello Joko,
      That’s the matter when you join several sites from same network…
      If one fail, they are all gone together.

      Sad to hear you wasted time and money in there.
      Wishing you lot of success with your other online activities! :)

      Have a great day,
      Tanguy – Incognito007

  12. I always trusted the site and give a good commendation on the site but then they scammed me with my earnings of $50 and 200 referrals. What a shame that a company I trust before gone in a matter of weeks.

    • Hello Jose,
      Sad to hear that. Don’t forget to log a dispute if you have a transaction which ain’t older than 45 days. You may get that money back.

      All the best,
      Tanguy – Incognito007

  13. Probux is gone…???

    I have invest some money with that site and support about 2 years.
    Now i’m loss $120…

    Anyone know how to get it back?

    • Hello Erry,
      Yes. Probux is not paying since a while and won’t pay anymore.

      If you did deposits that are less than 45 days old,
      you can log a dispute for those transactions and you may get it back (if you win).

      If you invested at start, two years ago, I’m afraid nothing can be done.

      Sorry to hear you wasted time and money in there.
      Wishing you lot of success in your other online activities! :)

      Have a great day,
      Tanguy – Incognito007

  14. I am now happy that this fraudulent site is completely gone. I reported it to CloudFlare (whose IP Addresses and name appears in the WHOIS directory too) but they replied me to use the Abuse Form, luckily I have noticed that the site has gone now.

    It was a big scam that was able to lure and loot many innocent people including myself. I had a balance of $6 and was hoping for my first ever cash-out that never happened. It was a very devastating experience since it took me 4 months to reach this minimum cash-out payment limit ($5).

    • Hello Naveed,
      You are right. Once again Gustavo did hurt lot of innocent people…!
      Nice to hear you took action and reported him around.

      I can feel how irritating it could be to work several months towards a goal for no result.
      Wishing you lot of success in your future online activities! :)

      All the best,
      Tanguy – Incognito007

    • Hello Raj,
      You are more than welcome! :)

      And I won’t blame you for quitting, it’s not easy to find the right sites.
      In fact, I did quit too three years ago (two years straight!) ;)

      Wishing you all the best.
      Tanguy – Incognito007

  15. hmmm , so mister Gustavo Gil Peron finally turn his back on his probux users.
    Besides neobux is there any other PTC sites worth clicking?
    Propose me some.
    Thank you.

    • Hello Adalina,
      There is one Paid-To-Click site that can definitely be ranked as high as Neobux (if not above),
      and it’s Clixsense (Online since 2007).

      If you wish to spread your portofolio among more sites,
      you can find the list of Paid To Clicks I’m using at (all more or less established. Read headlines/comments for details).

      All the best! :)
      Have a great day,
      Tanguy – Incognito007

  16. Hello sir,

    I’ve invested in Probux using Payza which was USD5. Can i open any dispute in Payza?

    Thank you.

    • Hello Hermirahim,
      If you made that investment less than 45 days ago,
      you can definitely open a dispute in Payza!

      Let me know if you struggle to do so.
      I didn’t used Payza since a while,
      but I will do my best to help if required! :)

      Have a great day,
      Tanguy – Incognito007

    • Hello Shahemran,
      The site itself could maybe go back online (if it’s just a server glitch).
      But Gustavo is a scammer, and you won’t get paid whatever happen.

      So my advice would be to stay away from it whatever happen next.

      Have a great day,
      Tanguy – Incognito007

  17. Hi,

    Now the Probux is gone, no point talking about it any more but we need to aware others the owners of Probux and the country from they operated their email addresses etc etc because I am sure as in the past, they will open a similar site with a different name. Please be vigilant on new PTC sites coming in future.

    • Hello Viraj,
      That’s definitely something to keep in mind!
      As you said, I’m sure they will be back with new “projects” ASAP.

      Let’s hope this time people won’t jump happily into it without investigating! :)

      Have a great day,
      Tanguy – Incognito007

  18. Pure and simple, if you want to make money online, become a scammer. Looks like the only way to make money without any retribution. Just rip people off. You wont go to jail.
    So why isn’t there an part of the united nations that can nail these people to the wall? About time governments did something about it.

    • Hello Mathew,
      You are right. Look like there is quite a hole in legislation on such topics.
      This being said, I’m not sure what could be done exactly… usually Terms Of Services are kinda protecting them from any responsibility.

      Someone suggested in comments to file a IC3 complaint, not sure if it could help (but it costs nothing to give a try):

      Have a great day,
      Tanguy – Incognito007

      • Got a better idea, which you may disagree with and delete. Crowd fund a bounty on this admin and bring him to justice. Find the worst jail in the world and off he/she goes. I think also the site should be taken over. Free advertising to the value of lost funds that where either invested/deposited etc. Then shut the site once the accounts are cleared of what they are owed. Just a rant!!

        • Hello Mathew,
          This is definitely something to think about for big investors.

          Concerning the sale, I doubt it would happen.
          They are used to open and close programs that way.
          Not the first time they disappear with people money…

          All the best,
          Have a great day,
          Tanguy – Incognito007

    • Hello Nelson,

      If you used Paypal and the transaction is less than 45 days old you can proceed like this:

      1. Open a Dispute in the “Resolution Center”.

      THE START :
      Step 1 : pick “Regarding a goods”, then “Next”.

      Step 2 : enter your transaction ID, then “Continue”. (Click “Find Transaction ID” and find the purchase you want to dispute).
      Step 3 : pick “I didn’t get my purchase”. (NOTE : that if you pick “I didn’t get all my purchase”or another option it’s a 100% fail. Your dispute will be closed by robot and you loose.)

      Step 4 : pick “Services”and write your message.

      What you should get :
      1. An instant reply, to confirm your dispute is started.

      Probux is unable to reply as their Paypal is down.

      STEP 5 : go back in “Resolution Center”, check running dispute and transform it as a request to PayPal :
      1. Login in your PayPal account.
      2. Go to “Resolution Center”.
      3. Click on “View Open Cases” and pick the related dispute.
      4. Click on “View” in “Action” area.
      5. Click on “Transform into request”.
      6. Copy-Paste your request in text area.

      Here is an example of dispute message:
      Dear PayPal support,
      The xx-xx-xxxx (date) I did a purchase at tracked with the following ID : **-****-*** (purchase ID).
      As the delay quoted in their Terms of Service is over while the service was not provided at all and as I stay without news from the seller ********@*****.*** (seller email) after several try to contact him, I would be thankful if you could take the required action.
      I’m looking forward to hearing from you,

      Good luck! Let me know if you win it! :)

      Have a great day,
      Tanguy – Incognito007

    • Hello JS,
      Sad to hear that… that’s quite a large amount wasted! :(

      When I joined my first PTC 4 years ago (Aobux),
      I lost $600. And even ragequit the whole “earning online” idea for two years.
      Since I’m back (June 2013), I’m doing great.

      All this to say that you got a bad start but I hope that,
      like me, you will get some huge success afterwards! :)

      All the best & Have a great day.
      Tanguy – Incognito007

    • Hello Mohamed,
      Sorry to hear you had collected some cash in there.
      I’m afraid you won’t be able to cashout this… :(

      Wish I could help.
      Hope you will be able to build a decent and stable income somewhere else ASAP.

      All the best & Have a great day.
      Tanguy – Incognito007

  19. Probus is gone with the wind and our money! Gustavo Gil Peron is nothing more than a big thief and a scammer! Enriching yourself by to stealing from others, to vomit of such piece of dirt!

  20. incognito 007 thanks for understand me and i’ll take your advice,but the probux team they are a bunch of scammers,scumbags and that gustavo have in his inner that God will collect that he made us

  21. I am also sad because probux can not be opened again ..
    when I was planning to take it after my income can be $20
    but now vanished all $18

    • Hello Lia,
      Sorry for your loss. I know how it can be irritating.
      I went through this few years ago!

      Wishing you to find some great sites to build decent and stable income ASAP :)

      Have a great day & See you soon.
      Tanguy – Incognito007

    • Hello Madawa,
      I would be curious to discover how you define “the best”!?! :)
      Probux may have been a fast earner. But it’s a scam, which today show (again) its true colours…

      I’m not sure whether the website will remain offline or not,
      but one thing is sure – you won’t receive your money even if you manage to request a withdrawal.

      Read the blog post above, it should help you in understanding who is that guy
      and why you should not trust him. Would it be Probux, Fusebux, Zapbux or any other new “sexy” sites he will launch in near future.

      Have a great day.

      Tanguy – Incognito007

    • Hello DAKOTTA,
      Yeah. That’s something that hurt lot of people (even if it was quite to be expected).
      Sorry that you lost time/money in there.

      Wishing you the best with your other online activities! :)
      Tanguy – Incognito007

  22. Was a member with probux, but never planned on investing any amount. Now, I’m going to try scarletclicks, and paidverts. Thanks for all the info & help. Ciao!

    • Hello Anand,
      Look so. And it will be followed by Fusebux/Zapbux soon…

      Maybe they will bring Probux up again though, as long as they are still people blindly trusting them.. why not! ;)

      All the best & Have a great day.
      Tanguy – Incognito007

  23. I wish I had found your blog long ago. Fortunately I have not lost money with Probux, only my time and effort in clicking enough ads as a Free Member to build up to 200 RR plus $15 balance.

    Now I have had the same experience with Probux, Nerdbux, PTCRS and Noulinx. The person who bought Nerdbux from the first owners is also apparently a known cheating, lying thief.

    Can you explain how to find out who owns and operates PTC sites? I have no idea how to do this so rely on simple things such as a site being in business for more than 1 year or having a very large membership or not promising silly high earnings (e.g. how can a PTC ever pay $1.00 per ad clicked?!?). If I knew how to identify owners then I could avoid sites that the known scammers set up.

    Thank you for the other helpful information you have given in answers to people who have commented here.

    Do you know anything about Wordlinx and Cash’n’Hits?

  24. I signed in to Probux like 3 months ago, being the first PTC site I´ve ever registered, but at the beginning I didn´t put any effort untill I saw some videos about strategies to get more money which I did and I was so happy because it was working, I didn´t invest anything but my time, but what I love the most of Probux is that I can renter referrals which for me is great because I hate looking for them (by the way, do you know another PTC site where you can do this?).
    A week ago I was looking again for the videos and I noticed that there were many commnents about Probux becoming a SCAM, so I decided to wait a little more to see what happens, but since yesterday it has been difficult to enter the site, the server isn´t found anymore so I guess that´s it, also I´ve noticed too about the forum “closed for maintenance” for 48 hrs, but it has been like that for more than a week, also I´d sent some help tickets to the staff (support) but didn´t receive any answer.
    Thank you for this post!

      • Thank you! I’m also on Clixsense, but without the referrals it’s been too slow.

        I will check your list of best PTC and I’m also checking the Resources page, I already suscribed to your blog =)

        Thank you for all your info and updates!!!! and lot of success for you too!!!!

  25. have put in a lot of work with probux neatclix, 88clix, 88bux, also and am irritated. There is also another website that I go to and it is called war of clicks. It is pretty much a game that you can make money playing. I have not invested a single cent into this site, but I do get paid from it.

  26. hi there,

    i’ve been in probux since last quarter of 2012. upon hearing about probux would turn to scam, i feel upset, losing all my hopes, and the all efforts of clicking all the ads daily. but i still doing the usual daily clicking until i stumble in this page of yours. (thank u very much for posting this great infos and experienced/concerned from other user’s comments.)
    i never had cashed-out in probux, eversince the day i registered it. i kept on clicking it aiming for the 200RR as a standard member and almost there for $80 golden upgrade until the eye of the super typhoon haiyan (local name in the philippines, yolanda) devastated our place last quarter of 2013. for 7 months without internet connection was very unfortunate for me in continuing the ptc business world. all the efforts i’ve done to all ptc sites i registred was back to nothing (balances, build RRs, etc). when the internet service was up, i started to crawling forward again with new hopes until up to this point of posting this comment that i’ve found out and decided to stop clicking probux… again thank, mr. tanguy.
    i am also into some other ptc sites, neobux (decided to stop renting referrals and cashout the minimum asap), clixsense, cashnhits (made successful five few bucks cashout). i am new to paidverts (had stop for a while cause i don’t understand the system fully), ojooo, globalbux, grandbux, goldenclix, clearbux, clixten, buxvertise, lynkar.
    of all the sites i have stated above would you mind if i ask your personal opinion/views with those sites? can you suggest some good ptc sites that can sustain a long term ptc business. i would glad and worthy to be under your lines as DR if given me some chance.

    thank you very much for spending much of your precious time reading my post. hope i there are much ways to keep in touch with you for possibly asking your ways and guides in achieving your goal in the ptc business.

    • Hello Emmanuel,
      Those typhoon are really doing lot of damages in your area it seems! :(
      Nice to hear you are safe now! :)

      Concerning the sites you quoted:
      – Neobux: stable. Personally I had bad experience, but it was 4 years ago.
      With Ultimate and large investment, you should do OK. But it would be really looooong term before you recover your deposits and start make some real money.

      Clixsense: rock solid stable (no RR).
      Would it be doing offers and by referring people in, you can do some great bucks – the safe way – in there. Also it doesn’t require large invest to upgrade, so it’s cool :)

      – Ojooo: is having huge payment delays. Could be classified as “not recommended”.
      If you didn’t invested yet, don’t do it.

      – Globalbux: not paying since weeks. Same comment as for Ojooo.

      – Grandbux: I’m not using it. No idea. I heard about high withdrawal limit and so on…

      – Goldenclix: after the Paypal issue, there was some payment delays issues.
      On overall it seems fixed (I’m getting paid on time and most of people I know too). Be sure to have full profile, and to post your previous payment proof before requesting a new cashout.

      – Clearbux: I’m not using it. But it seems to be down.

      – Clixten: I’m not using it. But it’s kinda stable. The owner, Mihaela, sound great too! :)

      Buxvertise: I blogged about it, see details here:
      Buxvertise Review: instant cash?

      Be sure to read those safe tips to avoid suspension:

      – Lynkar: I’m not using it. I know it struggled at one point. This being said looks like financial are better now :)
      Have few friend on Skype doing nice there.

      I’m not suggesting specific websites. As I consider there is ALWAYS a risk. But you can find those I find valuable/promising at

      Ps. If needed my Skype is “tanguyhub”.

      Have a great day.

      Tanguy – Incognito007

    • Hello Guillermo,
      Sad to hear about your loss…

      Wishing you good luck with your other online activities!
      Be sure to Google it and investigate a bit before investing time and money somewhere! :)

      Have a great day.
      Tanguy – Incognito007

  27. I am so sick of these PTC sites its looks like to me like they are all scams first i lost my money on neatclix and 88bux then on fusebux and now probux do the same shit and neobux uses rented bots that doesn’t click and gives you no profit all these sites are same they like to take money from people not give them so isn’t there any other way to make some money which is more promising and not scam…..

    • Hello Kashif,
      Seeing the list of sites you quoted,
      look like you are used to join the “buzz sites” giving large profits to everyone (including the “free” standard members).
      Those sites will NEVER works on long term, reason being that money don’t grow on tree…

      Rented Referrals giving 200-300% ROI or similar “sexy” rates are used to be appreciated, but it will never work.

      On stable sites, rented referrals (if any) are giving a low net margin and usually it’s even focused to specific memberships (not the whole community).

      The advices I could think about on this topic are:
      1) Do never join those “sexy” sites. Unless you know what you are doing and plan things on really SHORT TERM.
      2) Rather focus on stable scheme even if it’s slower. But NEVER rent with low membership.
      If you can’t afford to upgrade, rather avoid renting.
      3) If you want to earn money on the long run, the way to go is finding ways to get direct referrals.
      Would it be free ways (social media, forums, blogging,…) or paid ways (ptc ads on splash pages, banner advertising,…).
      4) Consider joining sites that do not use rented referrals scheme. Such as Clixsense or Paidverts.

      5) Whatever you do, never focus on one single earning opportunity. Build a portofolio with 4-5 promising sites.
      Grow it over time. And you will do great for the long run.

      All the best,
      Tanguy – Incognito007

  28. If anyone is interested there is a site called war of clicks that I go to. It basically plays like a game, but you can make money from it. The entire program is super easy to learn and understand and it’s a lot of fun.

  29. I’m lucky enough as I’ve seen many ptc sites are randomly gone scam; so I never invest any one site. Only I wasted time here for some dollars. I got 20 $ from probux and fusebux, zapbux provided me 8 $ each as free members. Thanks Admin for your nice blogging. I was totally aware from & ptc investigation sites.

    • Hello Nirman,
      You are welcome! :)

      And yes: PTC-Investigation actually warned people from DAY 1 about this.
      The only issue is that he closed his blog and moved to Facebook while the old blog was bought by a random noob who tagged Probux as “Legit”…
      I know that lot of people were confused with this as they didn’t knew changed ownership! :/

      Nice to see you at least managed to collect a few money before the crash.

      Have a great day.
      Tanguy – Incognito007

  30. i have also lost 90dollars, as i upgraded three months ago, and had my balance as 35dollars to withdraw, but today totally the site is down. They have looted many people’s money and enjoying their life, think of our plight. I invested in it thinking that i would get some return, but what i got was return as scam, bogus, fraudulent.. feeling sad, what more to do.

    • Hello prathap,
      Thanks for sharing your experience in there.
      And sorry to hear about your loss.

      Sadly, as you said you invested more then three months ago,
      there is not a lot you can do… disputes are only possible if the transactions were made less than 45 days ago.

      Wishing you all the best.
      Tanguy – Incognito007

  31. I think for the info i have, one of the best ptc-sites in the cyberspace is CLIXSENSE, it’s realiable 100 percent! I have an account in clixsense and i’ve received my first payment! More than 20 Euros. You can fill surveys, watching ads, play games and make some task. If you want your account to be profitable you have to know the more, the best about Direct Referrals!! Cause if you gain a good amount of these, CLIXSENSE become very cashy! jeje

    • Hello Luis,
      I quite agree with you.
      In fact, clixsense is the only large sized website that does not rely on pyramidal scheme (rented referrals).
      Rented referrals can only work when it’s closely monitored and backed up with strong advertisers. Sadly, it’s rarely the case which is why most of the Paid-To-Click fails at short or middle term.

      Clixsense is great for skilled promoters who are able to get direct referrals,
      and for those who are willing to work with surveys and offers! :)

      Wishing you all the best in there.
      Hope you will enjoy lot more sexy cashouts in upcoming months and years to come.

      Tanguy – Incognito007

  32. It’s a pity! I trust Probux and I was gaining some money! I had heard some good stuff about probux! Reading this post get me a little bit down! Hope it could be solve soon!!

    • Hello Luis,
      Yeah, that’s quite sad! :(

      And I’m afraid it won’t be fixed anytime soon.
      If you look the history of the owner and the scheme used, it was quite obvious it was intended to fail.

      Wishing you the best. Hope you will find some other great and steady income streams! :)

      Have a great day.

      Tanguy – Incognito007

  33. Hey guys i was sory for some guys who spend alot of money in probux,i am in probux even that is less then a month i register there but i didn’t put my money yet i was so close but thnx to u man and many those messages now i will close probux for ever , but can u tell me where i suppose to registre , wich site is more safe and i can take cashout when i want ? thnx

    • Hello Arianit,
      Great to hear you seen warnings before putting your money into Probux! :)

      Always a good idea to Google and investigate a bit about an earning opportunity before joining it.
      It can save you from doing some bad spendings.

      You can find the list of sites I’m on (sorted by categories) here:
      But I never feel confident about trusting at 100% an earning opportunity. It remains Internet, the world where you never know how tomorrow will look like… ;)
      Whatever you do, I would always recommend to split your time (and investments if any) between 4-5 opportunities. That way you are always backed up in case of failure.

      All the best!
      Tanguy – Incognito007

    • Hello Advert,
      Sorry for your loss. Always sucks when such things happen! (Even though this one was to be expected).

      Here is my short feeling about the quoted sites:
      Neobux: looks stable, but I always felt like earning are very limited (unless you invest large on very long term).
      They have huge advertisers base and conservative scheme. So I guess they should be fine :) [I’m personally not using it].

      Ojooo: they have financial issues obviously. Lot of people are reporting delays (sometimes long ones!) in payment.
      If you didn’t invested yet, I would definitely AVOID to do it.

      Paidverts: is a great site if you can afford to grow in decent BAP group. This being said it’s long term investment.
      If 6-12 months sound too long to wait for you before you get your capital back and start to really EARN (over your ROI),
      then you may consider skipping it. But otherwise, it’s a place to be I believe! :)

      Lot of success. Have a great day,
      Tanguy – Incognito007

    • Probux I don’t know yet. This downtime destroys their goodwill for sure:-( But yesterday they tried to come online, consider that as you wish.

      Neobux: they use bots with very low click average. Same for Ojooo. If you buy an upgrade, your RR-s work is deteriorating. Smart solution.

      Paidverts: they force you to re-invest anything you earned, BUT they do pay and their owner has an interesting history. He used to have other site and closed it. Looking scam? Maybe, but he paid EVERYONE before the closure.
      So what? Check it out yourself, that is free

      • Hello Alexander,
        The fact to see them online or offline doesn’t really matter.

        If you read the blog post above,
        it should be crystal clear for you that they are not going to pay you…

        My suggestion would be to not waste your time there (or in Fusebux/Zapbux),
        whatever happens. But of course, it’s 100% up to you! :)

        Thanks for sharing your experience.
        Tanguy – Incognito007

  34. I surfed the internet and found this blog, but couldn’t resist to write about those PTC shit tricks, I call them Pay to Fart. Personally I’ve never tried them, but this thing smells to me like BIG Ponzi scheme. If you people are lazy, than don’t even count on making money.

    • Hello HilloftheTop,
      Thanks for sharing your opinion! ;)

      When it comes to renting bots (aka what’s happening in majority of PTC),
      it’s obviously a sort of Ponzi. So you are not 100% wrong! :)

      This being said, there is few good ones out there (such as Clixsense).
      But I fully understand if you stay away from such market.

      Wishing you all the best!

      Ps. who said you had to be “lazy”? :D
      It’s the same as for other affiliate networks, you need to establish some e-marketing and/or paid advertising
      to build a downline and get some decent income. Lazy money don’t exist, that’s for sure.

      Have a great day,
      Tanguy – Incognito007

    • Hello JustInforming,
      Thanks for sharing this link.
      You are 100% right, he will keep doing so until someone stops him.

      It’s amazing to see how some people still support him.
      I can understand few were not aware of his past.
      But for those who knew about Probux and so on… well what did they expect?

      Not sure if those complaint centers would be helpful on this issue,
      but it costs nothing to try! :)

      Have a great day.
      Tanguy- Incognito007

  35. Probux has gone forever, right now the website does not open anymore, if only I had read something like this before I had invested in the golden account maybe I would have invested those $80 in Neobux, Probux looked fine because of it’s second year in the market, I’m so sorry for all who had invested :/

    • Hello Juan,
      Sorry to hear about your loss!

      When history repeat itself like this,
      you can’t put trust any more in his sites would it stay 1 year or more
      – I will never ever join a site from Gustavo.
      He proved himself to be selfish and a thief.

      Wishing you the best on your other sites,
      hope you make some cool money in there! :)

      Have a great day,
      Tanguy – Incognito007

    • Hello Lophliphluph,
      It looks like it was a temporary server glitch.

      I guess they won’t close it as long as they have enough “blind believers” to give them extra money! ;)

      But yeah, in next few weeks/months I guess the remaining guys in there will FINALLY understand it’s a scam.

      Have a great day! :)
      Tanguy – Incognito007

  36. as i am a golden member on probux, i have invested 100$ over there and i had withdrawn 549$. still i work on probux with more than 1000 rented referals and earning approx 12$ in a day but from last few days there is a problem in cashout may be paypal has blocked probux account due to insufficiant documents of the company.

    Dont know more but still hope it will come in action again.

    • Hello Sunil,
      That’s what I call being super optimistic! ;)
      I really wish you the best, but seeing the background of the guy – I have some HUGE doubt.

      This being said it’s great to hear you were in profit before the crash.
      Good luck.

      Thanks for sharing your experience.

      Have a great day,
      Tanguy – Incognito007

  37. Hello! Probux – a copy stolen from Neobux. Neobuks paying since 2007. Pays a stable system of earning it a very interesting and clever to remain among the best bux Internet. Trust must be properly comprehended. Yes, I cheated on Probux Golden :( – I blame myself. Neobux But – is the power and for how long. Conclusions means instant, super scripts in the forum and support on top! My very high WUA join to earn hard!

    • Hello Makedonr,
      Thanks for sharing your feelings about Probux/Neobux.
      Neobux is indeed established site that seems stable on the long run.

      Earnings are quite limited (I believe), unless you invest lot and plan (very) long term.
      But potential is there for sure.

      Wishing you lot of success.

      Have a great day.
      Tanguy – Incognito007

  38. Hi, i’m regristed in probux e few days ago and i was very happy for that until i sow you site and coments, it’s that true, the probux has scamed. Please tell me. BYE thanks

  39. Hi Tanguy,

    First, let me say thank you for writing this article. I was one of the many victims of Probux, although I was lucky enough not to invest in a golden membership thanks to all the suspicious messages that could be found here and there (as a matter of fact I didn’t invest anything, gladly). But I had really high expectations on the long run and was really disappointed when I found out all the rumors saying the site was going to close were right. Actually it hasn’t closed yet but it’s pretty much the same. I was also on Zapbux and Fusebux but I hadn’t invested anything on them yet. Again, I shouldn’t be complaining too much after all ! ^^

    I’m still on Neobux and Clixsense, which I trust fully, and also on Clixview which I trust a bit less (I’ve read some concerning comments about the admin having scammed before… a few days after becoming a golden member -_-‘). Also, the very day I became golden, my RR clicks average droped dramatically… how strange… I’ll continue with it wihtout any more investment and start cashing out as soon as I can.

    That being said, I’m looking for new bux sites that I can trust fully on the long run, you seem to believe in Scarletclicks, GPTPlanet and a few other but, with all due respects, have you got proof they are not going to scam in several months or years ?
    “Once burned, twice shy”. ;-)
    I’m so pissed / sad Probux, Zapbux and Fusebux went down that I really want to make sure before joining a new site, you know ?

    Bonus questions : do you also think, as some other people, that rented referals are actually bots ? Since I got golden on Clixview and saw an overnight obviously radical change in my average RR clicks, I’m starting to wonder myself…

    PS2 : J’ai vu que tu parlais français, tu es de France ? (je suis de Nantes, j’écris quand même en anglais pour que tout le monde puisse comprendre).

    • Hello Alex,
      You are welcome.
      Sad to see you wasted time there,
      but as you said it’s already great you didn’t invested money in there thanks to warnings! :)

      Scarletclicks is over five years old now,
      so you can classify it as pretty stable one (even though it remain Internet, and you never know what tomorrow will be made of :D)
      They have really conservative scheme, you won’t earn $999/day – but I’m doing quite fine with a Golden + 1000 RRs (since there is 500 RRs you can get there in 6 days).
      I would not advice renting more as it don’t worth it considering the increase of autopay cost when you have more rented referrals.

      Pour la question bonus, c’est le sujet qui fache lol. Check ta boite mail ;)
      Et non, je ne viens pas de France mais de Belgique :)

      Have a great day,
      Tanguy – Incognito007

    • I have put in a lot of work with probux also and am irritated. There is also another website that I go to and it is called war of clicks. It is pretty much a game that you can make money playing. I have not invested a single cent into this site, but I do get paid from it.

      • Hello Stephanie,
        I fully understand you.
        I went through those huge fails four years ago, and I still remind how much I was upset!

        Wishing you all the best, hope you will do great in next months/years too! :)

        I heard about War Of Clicks – didn’t reviewed the site at all – but the script looks kinda amazing and out of the box.
        Run few advertisements campaign in there few weeks ago.

        Thanks for sharing your experience & All the best,
        Tanguy – Incognito007

  40. “The time has come to convert your remaining balances and leave it.”.

    I am just another victim. I joined Probux as a free member and did the whole grind with no money. I lost everything after the huge typhoon of 2013. Believing in Probux like i did i continued after i got back online. And rented 200 refs. I then raised $80 to purchase my golden membership. I could have taken the money and used it for something important. In the Philippines $80 is a lot of money. But i trusted Probux enough to purchase a golden membership. It was all downhill from there. My referral clicks declined. There are tears in my eyes as i write. Now i am totally bankrupted. I quoted you at the top of my reply. What can you gain from converting your main balance? And thank you for this post.

    • Hello Marlon,
      Really sad to hear that… :(

      Concerning the quote, I was meaning that you could use that money to run few advertising in order to get referrals or some value elsewhere.
      This being said I’m not sure they are still reviewing “Pending” advertising now… Maybe it’s too late already.

      Hope you will find a way to recover your loss.
      Are you in any other site? :) If yes, I hope they sustain on long term so that you got some cash back.

      Otherwise maybe give a try doing some offers/surveys on top sites (e.g. clixsense)
      or if you have any skill to monetize you could also head to fiverr and similar freelance marketplace!

      Stay strong!
      All the best,
      Tanguy – Incognito007

      • I am currently on Twickers, GoldenClix, SilverClix, Neobux, Clixten and Scarlet. I had high hopes of becoming successful in Probux then taking on these sites seriously. Thanks for the suggestions. I will start looking into surveys and such.

        • Hello Marlon,
          The one you quoted look more serious and stable (even though Goldenclix/Silverclix have few reports about payment delays, personally posting my payment proof it was always fine).

          Wishing you good luck! :)

          Tanguy – Incognito007

          • Now i am worried about Neobux with their bot clicking. I recycled some referrals and the referrals i got back clicked 8 ads each. Now common sense tells you that if they clicked 8 extended ads that they must be golden members right? Wrong, they are all ready to be recycled again. I think Neobux is going anywhere but they are giving me bad feelings in my stomach. There are people on their forums showing off $10,000 cash outs. What is that about. Do i need 30,000 rented refs to reach that amount? That is not realistic. I am having troubles just maintaining 100 refs. I followed the strategies as well as i could but every time i put one foot forward i slide back. I think i will just stick to doing the tasks at ClixSense.

          • Hello Marlon,
            The only experience I had with Neobux date from 4 years ago.
            I had no strategy at that time and just a Golden membership + 100RRs extended at 240 days.
            Which costed my $340 (if I remind properly), while I got $260 back after 8 months of clicking… Epic fail LOL

            But 1) It was 4 years ago, no idea how things are going now, 2) I had no strategy at all, so I’m not judging them.
            This being said I believe you need ultimate and large amount of referrals to make decent profit in there
            (So it’s very long term and limited opportunity. It can fit to some profile, but definitely not to everyone).

            Clixsense tasks are indeed great.
            I’m not doing them, but I heard lot of good about it from people I know (in Skype and so on).
            Wishing you great earning in there! :)

            All the best,
            Tanguy – Incognito007

  41. I am beyond disappointed. I have been a member of Probux for nearly a year now. I have clicked ads faithfully everyday, invested money and became a golden member. I wanted to cash out to get extra money for Christmas. First, the forum has been down for over a week after it said it would be back up after 48 hours. Then, I tried to cash out several times with no luck. I feel bamboozled.

    • Hello Lori,
      I know how it feels. I had similar experience four years ago when I started with Paid-To-Clicks.
      When you put time and money, planning long term… it hurts! :(

      Sad to hear that. I’m wishing you lot of success with your other online adventures! :)

      All the best,
      Tanguy – Incognito007


    all though i was seeing forum maintenance from past 10-20 days got the doubt after 5 days when they said 48hrs but nothing happened

    but thanx keep posting about new scams sites as well

  43. Probux is nothing but a shameless scam. All you get from there is:

    The daily limit for transfers today has been exceeded.
    Please try again at 00:00, 06:00, 12:00, or 18:00 server time.

    Month after month.

  44. Hello incognito007,
    Thanks you for this useful guide and advised about. If Gustavo Gil Peron is a truly scammer, he should be to considering as a criminal. My question is, why cyber securities or some related party such FBI (example) never hunting him down? Why let him prevailing whim around internet and make a lot of money? Even Google able to do somethings, isn’t it? Any way I like your blogs and I’ve bookmark it’s for my further guiding and information. Thanks Bro.

    • Hello Abe,
      Thanks a lot for your words.

      I know few people ran an investigation in past to learn more about him.
      Report to cyber services can be made. But I’m not sure if they would do something about it.

      And personal actions you would take on your own would probably cost you even more than what you loss…

      It’s not that easy I believe.
      Your best protection is to avoid the next site(s) he launches in future! ;)

      All the best. Have a great day.
      Tanguy – Incognito007

  45. Salut incognito007,

    Il fait mal cet article parce que j’y suis depuis 1 an maintenant à cliquer tous les jours et je commence à avoir un compte bien gérer.

    Je suis toujours en mode standard avec environ 105$ en balance avec renouvellement à 150 jours ! Je pense que c’est bon que cet article existe, mais …

    Je vais un peu contredire cet article modérément bien entendu. Un utilisateur du forum MTV a déclaré être payé le 18 sept 2014 par Neteller.

    Pour ma part, je continue à cliquer parce que Paypal n’est pas le centre du monde !

    J’y crois encore en ayant toujours une bonne moyenne de clics de mes filleuls (304 – 365) sauf hier (310)

    à bientôt

    • Salut Cleroy,
      Je te souhaite vraiment de recevoir un paiement.
      Malheureusement, sachant le passé du bonhomme – je ne suis pas très optimiste…

      Mais bonne chance et tiens moi au courant alors! :)

      Tout le meilleur,
      Tanguy – Incognito007

  46. Thank you so much for writing this post. I just joined Probux only a few days ago, and haven’t invested any money with that site thank goodness. I should have known something was wrong when I kept getting logged out after clicking on ads.

    By the way, I found this site on Mousebux. The advertising package was was in the Mousebux ad section to click. I’m definitely bookmarking this site to check on the reputation of other ptc sites. Thanks for the tips.

    • You are welcome, Ans! :)
      Glad to hear it saved you from wasting your time and money in there!

      And thanks for the feedback’s concerning from where you found my site,
      good to know that advertising package bring me some quality audience! :)

      Honored to be in your bookmark,
      hope you will find some great value in there.

      All the best.
      Have a great day & See you soon.

      Tanguy – Incognito007

    • Hello Michalis,
      Sadly, I’m not sure they are still reviewing the advertisement “pending review”.

      If they do, you can try to find a “Paid-To-promote” (I can’t advise you one, as I’m not using those sorry) or
      promote a Paid-To-Click or any other program paying commissions on affiliates.
      It will remain a game of luck to see if that convert or not, but it’s better than nothing! :)
      (My fear is that most of the real traffic is decreasing, while autoclickers and other useless traffic may be still in).

      Sorry to hear about your loss,
      and I hope you will find a way to get something out of it! :)

      Let me know what you decided to do!
      And if they are still reviewing advertising in there.

      Have a great end of weekend,
      Tanguy – Incognito007

      • I am not sure what i will do, but i noticed one thing. In fusebux and probably in zapbux rented referrals stop clicking. In probux all are continue to be active. Maybe he will wait to decrease the balance of the accounts and then bring the support for the site back.

        • Hello Michalis,
          It’s great to be optimistic but knowing who is behind it,
          I would not expect that! ;)

          Just for your information, the “Seller is unable to respond” to disputes at the moment.
          Which means accounts are suspended – there is no point for them to bring the site back.

          They are scammers and I fear they are just going to open (a) new one(s) to con more people soon.

          Good luck! :)

          Tanguy – Incognito007

  47. If was know that the owner of upbux, onbux and now probux is same person then why they hide the facts and give elite status to probux, in other seance ptc-investigation was promoting “Gustavo Gil Peron” who is big scammer.

  48. iam dispute probux,zapbux,and fusebux on paypal but i lose after 60days and more,how to dispute them sir very well?please share tutorial for dispute them on paypal for help everyone on probux member?thank you sir ?sorry for myrequest,please help everyone again.
    thank you,

    • Hello Deni,
      You are welcome. Glad if that helped to save you from wasting more time in there.

      Sorry to hear about your investment.
      I hope you will manage to cover that loss elsewhere.

      All the best in your Online Earning adventure.

      Tanguy – Incognito007

  49. When was the first time anyone, whether this blog or something like ptc investigation forum, report or publish about probux being a scam ? A good practice to pursue might be to identify ptc owners and publish their address or contact details to facilitate accountability.
    12:56 27-09-2014

    • Hello Straightshooter,

      About the owner, probably around 2009 with Upbux.

      Concerning Probux itself, I believe PTC-investigation pretty much did the warning at the very beginning.
      He comes with solid extra proofs only few months later though.

      Probux Scam

      And their address was:
      Probux scam

      Good luck and have a great day! :)

      Tanguy – Incognito007

    • Hello Jane,

      I will post in-depth tutorials about this soon.
      But please let me know which payment processors you used, so that I can shortly guide you through the process! :)

      Note: if you are using Paypal, you can only give a try with disputes on purchases that are less than 45 days old.

      Let me know details, so I guide you about how to get your Probux Dispute started! :)

      Tanguy – Incognito007

    • Hello Tientv86,

      Neobux proved huge stability over time
      – it should be really stable :)

      This being said, rented referrals weren’t good when I tested it (4 years ago),
      I was in loss with a Golden membership. No idea how it is now though.

      But I think you would need Ultimate Membership and some long term period (2.5 years+)
      before reaching your return on investment and getting nice daily profit.

      Unless you have good direct referrals of course.
      Kinda hard target for referring, but everything is possible! :)

      Good luck.
      Let me know how it goes if you start your adventure there,
      would be curious to compare your insights with my own experience from 4 years ago! ;)

      Have a great day,
      Tanguy – Incognito007

    • Hello Gabriel,

      Yes, they are scams too.
      Fusebux Scam, Zapbux Scam. It’s owned by the same guy
      – and you will noticed there is no payment proofs + no way to post in forum.

      You would see this screen (and it’s lasting since weeks):

      Ps. I’m not able to share with you sites where you can earn 4*$0.01 without investment.
      You need to understand that $0.01*4 self-sponsored advertising for non-premium is kinda part of the trigger that make a site highly unstable at middle/long term.

      Even if I had nothing to invest except my time, I would rather focus on more stable scheme and fight to reach decent earning
      to get the whole thing started. And the end of the game, joining such unstable site you rarely hit withdrawal threshold before seeing the site failing or down…

      If needed, you can find my list of Paid to Click sites at

      Good luck & Have a great day.

      Tanguy – Incognito007

    • Hello Annyyuu,
      Thanks for your feedback! :)

      It’s really obvious now that Probux Scam,
      still amazed to see you can find some Probux Review around saying it’s not…
      Obviously they are either sharing old-fashioned content, either doing 100% biased reviews.

      If anyone got information and/or suspicions about a new site(s) who could be owned by Gustavo,
      feel free to share it – I’m sure he will be back and it would be great if we can make the mass avoid the trap this time! :)

      All the best,
      Tanguy – Incognito007

  50. I join in 3/14 and zero investment. Got up to 170 rented referrals.Turned off the auto rent and my balance got up to almost $12. I have been trying to cashout for about 5 days. Getting the try again at server times B— S—.
    I’m on the site at these exact server times,and still no cashout.
    My local time is Eastern Standard Time. So i’m on their site at the exact server times. I will still click 4 of the purple ones a day to supposedly get the credits for the 99 Rented Referrals i have left at the moment.
    Please try again at 00:00 = 11:00pm / 06:00 = 5:00am / 12:00 = 11:00am / 18:00 = 5:00pm server time. For Eastern Standard Time.

    • Hello Ccdirectt,

      Yeah, that’s a big joke.
      Sadly, I’m afraid you won’t be able to request a cashout…

      I’m not sure whether they still review advertising or not,
      but if they do you can at least convert your remaining
      balances into ads before leaving.

      Good luck! :)

      Tanguy – Incognito007

    • “So we paid members with another account until today”
      Multiaccounts on same domain is forbidden…

      I think lot of folks don’t know Paypal rules nowadays…
      They have multiaccounts, send money from business to personal account, connect from different countries,… and then “Oops”.

      Paypal does not love “bux” scheme, as it’s a ponzi (pyramidal scheme).
      But, so far, Paid-To-Click ain’t forbidden as long as it’s done in the respect of rules.
      Though, I agree it can be a real pain to do so.

      Ps. I called Paypal just for the fun to ask about starting a Paid-To-Click (I won’t do so, was just to hear what they say about it).

      They said that Paid-To-Clicks are allowed however they can NOT guarantee that an account won’t have problems and that they cannot fix a problem before it occurs.

      Good luck,
      Tanguy – Incognito007

  51. Good article and I joined the Probux scam and never invested anything other than my time to reach enough to buy 3 rented “Bots” I read the forums on a daily basis and realised that no one was getting paid and the “Bots” weren’t clicking. I tried to save as many poor souls as I could when I got my posting privilages, by telling them to file a dispute with PayPal. I don’t think the moderators liked it (They are part of the scam), nor did the sheep who hadn’t been paid for a month, but still believed everything the thieving admin wrote in an update as gospel. I saw the red flag as soon as he was blaming PayPal for not being able to cashout. Funny how these scammers have no PayPal issues when you deposit though eh? I have book marked your blog as it will make interesting reading

    • Hello Paul,
      Thanks for your words – glad to hear you believed it worth a bookmark! :)

      Yes, you are right.
      I heard as well about such referral issues from few of my Skype contacts.

      Probux as his huge “brobux” community, ready to trust pretty much everything it seems.
      Didn’t followed things a lot as I wasn’t member there, but looks like first Paypal glitch happened around July!?! Wow… :)

      And yes, there is quite a rumor about one of their mod which seemed highly related to the core team (and helping to make buzz launch):
      Probux Moderator Scam
      (Quite interesting story which comes from the old PTC-investigation blog).

      Anyways, I guess now it’s only a matter of time before none can deny the facts anymore…

      Wishing you all the best Paul! :)

      See you around.
      Tanguy – Incognito007

  52. Hi Probux Admin,

    I am a member of Probux my pending amount in probux and many sites when you will transfer cashout and solve server problem issue i am very worried for this issue problem

    Best Regards,

    Kamran zakir

    • Hello Kamran,

      I doubt the Probux Admin gives visit to my blog! :P

      But I’m afraid he won’t fix any issue :(
      It’s time to face the facts, he just make up excuses to save time and decrease the amount of potential disputes he could have.

      Most probably he is already counting the money and preparing the next site (scam) launch.

      Wishing you all the best, hope you will be able to recover your money and make extra earnings
      in high potential Paid-To-Click sites.

      Good luck and Have a great day.

      Tanguy – Incognito007

  53. hi incognito007 at first thumbs up for this great blog.Iam amember of probux for ayear now at first it was the best for me i kept on renting refs and cashed out for more then $500 but now i was saving for ultimate account,so did not tried to cash out for a while,then i saw about the cash out problems and all the fake promisses that it should be fixed at sep12, but sept 12 still no cash out option.Worst they shut down the forum and tell people is is in a maintance.Soo my balance was over 500 bucks, i concider it as a lost ang go on , you win some ,and you loose some right?STAY A WAY FROM PROBUX BIGGG SCAM

    • Hello Mike,
      Thanks for your words! :)

      Sad to hear you lost some hard earned money in there.
      I went through this when I started too.

      Four years ago, when I began with Paid-To-Clicks I wasn’t even aware of “scam” definition.
      I didn’t even consider the fact it could fail at one point. I joined a site (the domain name was “Aobux” I think) and played there LONG TERM with full focus on that single site.
      At the end, I renewed some 2000 Rented Referrals for 90 days… just one week before he scammed! LOL.
      Lost $650 in there and I ragequit the whole online opportunities for two years after another fail.

      Little off-topic: I just found back my first topic ever in PTC, fun to see how I was totally lost haha:

      But you are 100% right by saying you can’t win every time.
      And to be honest, I think you HAVE TO FAIL at least once ;
      because otherwise you won’t use caution, do researches, spread your risk and adopt accurate strategies on your different sites.

      Don’t forget to open a dispute if you have any investment which is not older than 45 days,
      it’s not 100% sure you will win it but it worth to give a try :)

      Wishing you all the best in your online activities.

      See you around,
      Tanguy – Incognito007

  54. I am so glad that you posted this!
    I have been with probux for a week now and was actually thinking about doing some small investements.
    Btw, loving this blog so far, and you have inspired me to maybe make a norweagian blog for ptc sites, think its a big market.

    Do you think i should make the blog on a site that is make for blogs, or advertise on that site and make my own website?

    Regards: Rawr Sekel

    • Hello Rawr,

      Great to hear this article about Probux saved you from doing a bad investment!
      I hesitated a lot before posting this Probux Review
      but I really believe this could help some of my readers.

      Thanks a lot for your words and feedback’s!
      I’m so glad to hear I inspired you! :)

      Concerning your blog, it looks like a great sub-niche.
      If you do it right, you probably can manage to rank easily on top of Google results on such laser targeted keywords! ;)

      Concerning the “how to do it”:

      You can start a blog at or at SiteRubix (2 for free, user-friendly blog builder).
      Once you feel like you can bring it to next level, I would purchase a domain name (e.g at GoDaddy or included in your website hosting if you go for a professional one).

      You may also give a try at Wealthy Affiliate which is a platform where you can find tons of tools, tutorials and step-by-step instructions to generate traffic and money from your website. In that case, they care about hosting part and all the rest :)

      To get started, I would go the free way at first – and access the basics tutorials + get your sites ready.
      And once things are set up, you can think about scaling it up and go for a professional solutions which should be a great help for your overall conversions and results.

      Good luck! And all the best in your blogger adventure!
      It’s a long road and it’s not always easily to go through it, but it’s so awesome once it starts working well that it fully worth it :)

      All the best,
      Tanguy – Incognito007

      • I have been thinking about it for a bit and i think i will start on a norweagian blog site, cause there is a lot of people over there and every time you post it pops on the front page. (im gonne re-read your post about search words and such btw ;)

          • It sadly havent gone that way. The page is ment for day-to-day bloggers, and has no way of categorising or anything like that. I will leave the page because of the format. I will do some research on the ones you suggested. ;)

            Have a nice day,

          • Hello Sekel,

            That’s the matter with CMS sometimes, it’s beginner-friendly but on the other hand if you have in-deep needs
            it can be sometimes hard to make the required customization.

            WordPress is quite an flexible one though, so far I managed to bring my ideas to life every time without too much struggle.

            Let me know how things goes! :)

            Have a great day,
            Tanguy – Incognito007

  55. I see you around alot in PTC forums! Good to see you know what you’re talking about! I only wish I had seen this before I got involved with Probux. I am on social security and am just trying to make enough money to get by on atop my social security. I have within the last month had 6 sites shut down suddenly. It is shameful of these people. I am definately going to follow your blog and check to see if your name is in a forum before I join. lol Great that you are online!


    • Hello lattesgold,

      Sorry to hear that. But you are right, you need to be careful with Paid-To-Click sites.
      If you pick them randomly, I would say you have 90% “luck” to see them down in first 6 months.

      The sad part with Probux is that some were aware about Onbux story but
      though it could be legit anyways because it was several months online and invested.
      This ain’t the first time Probux Owner scams and probably won’t be the last…

      I hope next time people will remain the whole story and avoid the site whatever happen.

      Concerning Paid-To-Clicks, pick them with caution and spread your activity among 5-10 sites,
      that way you should always keep a smile on your face! :)

      Btw. concerning following me, I advice you to check that from my blog.
      I’m saying this because I already saw some weird guys stoling my username
      and/or my advertisements in Neatclix, Clixeer, Mousebux,… and more site where I’m NOT member.

      All the best mate! :)

      Tanguy – Incognito007

      • LOL! Ok, I’ll be careful! But, you do realize NeatClix went down too? LOL! Along with 88Bux and Fusebux. Oh well! Way it all goes I guess.

        I’ve found a few that are doing me well. Trick is, do your best to use their money to upgrade, buy referrals, ect. LOL! Then, once in profit, cash out often. I learn fast. ;]

        I was doing ptrs and surf sites for about 5 yrs. Didn’t do very well with those. Then my puter crashed and was offline for awhile. On returning, I did have a ptc site for awhile, then sold it for a decent profit. Anyway, I’m always looking for something that doesn’t take alot of time, is fun, and makes me a little cash…like maybe 2 or 3 hundred a mo would be great.

        Thanks for your info, and good luck on all you do, mf!


        • Hello Lattesgold,

          Yeah, well Fusebux/Zapbux are the same owner.
          So it’s not that surprising to see them run away hand in hand.

          I heard about NeatClix and 88Bux,
          but I didn’t joined those neither as it seemed way too much unstable ;)
          I’m too much lazy to write about each of them (:D)
          so I always suggest PTC-investigation for such purpose.

          But you are right, on overall pick the right timing and spread things among several sites is always a good approach :)

          Good luck for reaching your earning target!

          All the best,
          Tanguy – Incognito007


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