Top 10 Best PTC Sites | Legitimate Trusted Paid-To-Click Jobs

Paid per click programs: get paid to click!

Paid per click programs: get paid per click!

The “paid to click” websites, shortened as “PTC“, are online business models that act as middlemen between advertisers and people aiming to earn money from home.

A part of the amount the advertisers pay for displaying ads goes to the viewer when he clicks the advertisement.

Finding reliable paid click sites can be a real pain, but no worries, we’ve got you covered!

Welcome to our Top 10 Best PTC Site, avoid the scams, check the curated list of amazing Paid-To-Click websites I strongly recommend for earning money online and/or advertising your business.

Before digging into the best Paid-To-Click I know and trust, an important disclosure.

My hand-picked selection:

#01 CLIXSENSE (Since 2007) – Jim Grago [Established Site] (Clixsense Review)
Clixsense Legit Paid-To-Click
#02 SCARLETCLICKS (Since 2009) – Dimitrios Kornelatos [Established Site]
legit elite ptc bux 2013
#03 GPTPLANET (Since 2009) – Dimitrios Kornelatos [Established Site]
legit elite ptc bux 2013

Our members’ favorites:

SPONSORED LINK (since 2009) – AdHitz Network


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Do you earn money clicking ads ?

Yes, you do… but your aim should not be to make money viewing ads.

The best way to make money with PTC is to get direct referrals – those people that sign up under you using your promotional link. Each direct referral gets you commissions through clicking or purchasing, and this forever and without any cost!

How to get direct referrals?

Cheap online advertising can get you hundreds of direct PTC referrals and this on a monthly basis. Over time your earnings will be ranging from few hundred to several thousands of dollars! (For example, discover how Andylord made 2,000 Direct Referrals in few months!)