Review: Tracking Traffic made easier? Review is an analytics tool that allows marketers like you to track their advertising effectiveness online.

The main goal is to let you know how your ads are doing so that you can save time and money.

It is a very powerful but easy-to-use tool. If you are willing to optimize your ad campaigns to get more results; you will love it!

It gives you lots of valuable data and statistics to help you make the right decisions about your ads. So, over time, you should manage to get more sales, more direct referrals, and opt-ins.


If you are an Internet marketer you know how difficult it can be to determine which of your advertising methods are actually bringing you the traffic and sales that you need.

Not anymore… reducing advertising costs is made easy thanks to tracking data.

The dashboard provides simple graphics and reports that will help you to:

  • Weed out advertising sources that aren’t getting you results;

  • Focus your time and effort on the advertising methods that gives the highest returns;

  • A/B test different pages variations and see how it helps your conversions.

Start your FREE 30-day trial (no credit card needed)! Review: Scam or Legit?

TimTech Tracking Tool

The tracking tool, formerly known as TEtoolbox, is part of Timtech LLC’s product line — a business based in Rhode Island, USA.

The small company is specialized, since several years, in lead generation. Over a decade, Tim Linden, Jon Olson, and Justin Ledvina have created a bunch of tools and websites.

With the exception of a failed “money making” opportunity (“Nerdbux”), their websites were all successful and everlasting.

In my opinion, is not a “scam” or a risky business.

The website has been running for over 7 years without any major issue. And is a valuable service coming with a 30-days free trial that you can cancel anytime. You can promote it and earn recurring affiliate commissions (30%). But this is setup through a debt free one level scheme, so it should not put the company stability at risk.

Explore the tool and Feel its value by yourself! Analytics : why should you track ads?

Advertising Analytics

Tracking your results is essential.

Without it, how you are going to know which links perform well?

A tracking tool allows you to take the right decision to maximize your advertising ROI.

If you aren’t tracking, you are wasting money. It’s just that simple.

You have some money invested in your advertising (even if you do everything for free, your time has value) and it just only makes sense to monitor what you are advertising and where.

The advertising tracking software is easy to use.

Enter your URL, convert it to a URL, and you will know exactly where and how often your ad displays.

Here are a few more awesome advantages…

  • Track all your ads from one place (with no limits!).

  • Update all your ads without logging into each advertising source.

  • Create rotators for unlimited links and banners.

Test it now, 100% FREE!

You will also unlock access to a broad spectrum of data related to your advertising efforts. The information is relevant and presented in a user-friendly manner.

The analytics help you to get the results you want from your website, your blog or online advertising.


Convert Visitors Into Buyers

  • Turn visitors into customers.

  • Improve your website to attract more visitors and buyers.

  • Help identify your ideal target market.


Over time, should benefit your Internet marketing business.
And it can help you to become the super affiliate you always wanted to be! :)


The Ad Tracking Wizard: create your first track link

The process is super intuitive and 1-2-3 simple:

0. Create your FREE account.

1. Log in and click on “Tracking Wizard” on the left menu.

2. Choose what you wish to track (for example, a link or a banner) and click “Next Step”.

3. Enter a Tracker Name (you are the only one seeing this) and the URL you wish to track. You can add as many as you wish by clicking “Add Another URL” if needed. And click “Next Step”.

Congratulation. It’s done! :) Preview

Let’s give an example. If you want to promote, you could do it:

A) Through the default landing page URL:

It’s long. It’s awful. It’s impossible to remember.
And you would have no clue how much people see, click or register through it.

B) Or… you could create a track link for it, using the three steps quoted above:

The track link automatically generates with a random six digits numerical code at the end. It’s shorter.
And you would know who click it, who register, from where they come and much more details!

C) You could go even further with the user experience and click “Settings” to customize the link. You can change the numbers to words that reflect the product you are advertising:

PS. If you purchase the “business package”, you could even customize it with your own domain. This is user (and SEO) friendly, easy to remember and perfect for the branding purpose. Rotator: create a link or banner rotator removes you the struggle of seeking for rotating banner codes or plugin.

You can set up your advertising campaigns everywhere you wish with a single link and keep the full control of the content from your dashboard.

You can add several links under the same track link, you can change the links, add more links or delete links on the fly.

No need to waste your time login into a ton of websites to adjust your advertisements anymore… :) Edit

Access everything from one place. And easily toggle between today’s hits, hits over the past week, month or since you started using that link. Advanced Features: bringing your marketing to the next level

You can be up and running with in a few clicks. And as you get used to it and see how it works, you could explore more advanced functions.

Here are some advanced features that will help the seasoned marketers:

  • Custom Ending. This can be useful when you are sending emails for example.

  • Geotargeting. Know what countries in the world are clicking your ads. Or target specific countries.

  • Filter. Show different ads depending on the traffic source or the device.

  • Priority. Set the weight of your ads in a rotator (how often it appears).

  • Set specific time windows for specific advertising. That’s great for time sensitive promo.

  • Retargeting pixels. Advanced marketers will know what it is about! ;)

  • Conversion tracking. Knowing how many are clicking links on your page or through your email broadcasts is cool, but knowing how it’s performing conversion wise is priceless. You can do conversion tracking by placing a tracking code on your “thank you” page (the one that comes after the opt-in or registration).

  • Sales tracking.

And much more. Don’t worry, you got covered. They have a video library to help you along the process.


If you are struggling with your advertising efforts, then you need to take a look at The good news is that they offer a free trial, so you can test it 100% free and decide from there.



Let me know in the comment whether you are tracking your advertising campaign or not. And any question, feedback or advice you could have! :)


Analytics tool, Ad Tracker
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Analytics tool, Ad Tracker
Provider Name (TimTech),
PO BOX 28,West Kingston,USA-RI 02892,
Telephone No.N/A
Description is an analytics tool that allows marketers to track their advertising effectiveness online. The goal is to save both, time and money.

3 thoughts on “ Review: Tracking Traffic made easier?”

    • Hello David,

      It’s great to hear you are enjoying the tool! :)

      I have been using it myself for a few years, and rarely had issues… the service just delivers what it promise.

      The best part is it allows me to give public tracking links to my 100s of customers.
      This is really useful for my banner advertising service.

      Tanguy – Incognito007


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